6 Responses to Lock & Lock is Crazy OC

  1. Mom-Friday says:

    I badly need more Boroseal containers!!! I regret not buying more during our visit.
    Feel na feel ko ang love mo for L&L, hahahaha :)

  2. Can you believe it’s made in Indonesia but they only launched the glass containers with BPA free lids just this year. I had to bring a few from the Philippines very time I came from a trip home.

  3. Kyong says:

    I’m a Lock & Lock fan, but I didn’t know that they already had glass containers with BPA-free covers! Thanks for this info..I’m going to look for the glass baking pan; I’m quite tired of using those aluminum pans..and the glass ones look sosyal, feel na feel ko mag-bake using it 😉 I just hope this is available in SM Malls 😉

  4. Jackie says:

    Can I have contact number of Lock n Lock near Makati and contact person? I need to purchase tumblers. You may call me at 813-0030 up to 32. thanks

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