Glass Is Better Than Plastic

I remember I was in ATC a few years ago and I bought lemonade from Auntie Anne’s.  The girl gets the lemonade from the dispenser and puts it in the plastic cup.

AA Girl: Ma’am naubusan po kami ng cover [Ma’am, we ran out of cup covers]

ME: Ha, maglalakad ako sa mall na walang takip yung lemonade ko? [Huh, I’ll walk around the mall without a cover over my drink] Sub-thought: All those droplets flying in the air!!

AA GIRL: Ma’am kung gusto niyo ilagay ko na lang sa plastic. [Ma’am if you want I’ll put it in a plastic bag instead.]

ME: …. (Incredulous face)

*Heavy weight of exasperation fills the ATC air

She was going to put my lemonade in a plastic bag with a straw!  And this is the white opaque plastic bag that they put the pretzels in.  *roll eyes

When we were kids, we actually did drink Coke from a clear plastic bag with a straw (bought from the sari-sari store where we also bought plastic balloons — oh the toxicity!).  All of the Cokes sold then were in glass bottles (Is anyone young enough not to remember this era??) so if you wanted to “take out”, the tindera would give it in plastic (as in plasteek!) so you wouldn’t have to pay the bottle deposit.  As years went on (and the world thought landfills seemed limitless), Coke came up with several packaging options and the glass bottle slowly faded away.  Although they still sell in glass, Coke in PET packaging or aluminum cans is probably more popular than the glass versions.

Images from and relaid-out by me

Do you notice the difference, though, when you drink Coke from a glass bottle vs. a PET plastic bottle vs. a can vs. a plastic cup from McDo?  In the U.S., they say the ingredients are different for the glass vs. the plastic.  One has corn syrup, the other does not.  However, in the Philippines, ARE the ingredients different?  I think glass tastes better because it’s a more stable material.  Several sites have studied how the liquid contents of a container can be affected by the material of the packaging.

Physics Forums has a thread on this topic where you can see several geeks (I love geeky fora!) talk about how “containers impart some flavor, except for glass.”

The U.S. Department of Energy says “Plastic containers also affect flavor strongly — not only do flavors leach out of the plastic, but some components of beverages will leach into plastic as well (the oils that give orange juice its fresh flavor can bind tightly to plastic).”

This leaching of plastic into the liquid can also cause leaching of harmful chemicals like BPA and other endocrine disruptors, as some Harvard studies have shown.  Apparently, BPA is also present in canned drinks because it is used for the seams of the cans.

Soooo, if I’m going to drink Coke (which I’m just doing once a week at most now), I think the choice should be glass-bottled Coke — for both taste and health reasons.  (What restaurant has bottled Coke I don’t know so maybe this is my way of quitting Coke forever.)  As for water, really, after constantly drinking my water from glass, I cannot stand the taste of plastic bottled water anymore.  Blech.

We use Aquasana bottles (ours are the bigger ones) to store our filtered water in the refrigerator and to bring around with me.  (Stainless containers are good too.)

I don't have enough stock of these in AquasanaStore so I normally just use them as giveaways. If you want to order, just email me and I'll see if I can get enough orders to make a shipment.

As for Auntie Anne’s, I still like their pretzels but I don’t order lemonade anymore.


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18 Responses to Glass Is Better Than Plastic

  1. Eliza says:

    Like Magnolia Chocolate Milk. It was never the same again after they phased out the glass bottles.

  2. Badet says:

    My husband likes the 1.5 ml. plastic bottled coke though. I’m having Coke in can right now, napatingin tuloy ako sa ingredients. It has corn syrup.

    Drinking water in a plastic cup tastes weird.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Yes, and the thickness of the plastic cup apparently has a psychological effect on the taste too :)

  3. nappykaye says:

    The killer ingredient in coke is high fructose corn syrup – which is corn syrup treated to make it sweeter and cheap for manufacturers. My cousin lost half her pre-20s weight just by taking out things with HFCS from her everyday diet. So yes, no Coke.

    Because of the HFCS controversy, Coke has started listing Sugar and/or High Fructose Corn Syrup on the ingredient list. I think it’s mostly HFCS, as it is the cheaper option.

    I’ve been trying to quit Coke since forever! It was in my resolution list 3 years ago. Sigh.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      So where else can you find HFCS? It’s a commonly-used sweetener I guess?

      I successfully quit Coke a few years back but after giving birth, I’ve been craving it. Now, with my resolve to drink bottled, maybe I won’t find any in restaurants!

  4. Mom-Friday says:

    As much as possible I also buy bottled juices/drinks… like Sola, and Sunquick, hehehehe :)
    I am not a Coke/cola drinker. Sadly, almost all beverages sold in the groceries are in plastic bottles :(

  5. Mommy G says:

    Very true! Glass is better. My baby’s bottles are lifefactory, and the water I put in them doesn’t go cloudy. My Avent ones do. I don’t know why.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Life Factory. I will check that out. I use Playtex bPA-free and it doesn’t get cloudy. Maybe because it opens at the bottom too?

  6. mymommyology says:

    I wonder how we can safely send the kids to school with glass water bottles though with filtered water in it. I would if I could!

  7. Cai says:

    I like Coke in a bottle too! I miss the bottled Magnolia milk too. In HK, they have bottled fresh milk being sold at the grocery. Tastes better talaga! Sa office naman, my baon is in glass containers, safer to microwave!

    I will be buying Pigeon glass bottles for the new baby, cheaper alternative to Lifefactory (kuripot ako), though I bought plastics din for breastmilk storage. Bought Pura Kiki stainless bottles too to try.

    • Mommy G says:

      Hi, Cai. I have a couple of Pigeons too, but I found that the bottle caps crack easily after sterilizing. So maybe wash the caps thoroughly nalang, and don’t put them in the sterilizer or hot water. :-)

      • Cai says:

        Mine cracked too so I bought replacements also from Pigeon. It’s made of PP I think which don’t crack. Sadly all of my Pigeon bottles from my first baby all broke :( All I have left are the caps and the rings haha.

  8. Ching says:

    Hi. Is it ok if i order aquasana water container from you? How much?

    • ocmominmanila says:

      I’m sorry Ching for the delayed reply. Please feel free to email jorica (dot) mangabat (at) aquasanastore (dot) com (dot) ph. I’ll also ask her to email you :) Thank you for your interest :)

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