What Kind of OC Mom Are You?

Because my name is OCMominManila, everyone expects everything about me to be perfect. (I guess that’s the peril of giving yourself such a name.)  Now that my face has suddenly been exposed in the digital world because of the Mommy Matters #Real Mom campaign, I’m worried that my neighbor will start snapping photos of my garage with a used walis tingting left leaning on the wall (gasp!) or the village guard will take a video of my rained-on dusty car (the scandal!) and judge me (that’s my lesson learned from the airport scandal last week — feeling public figure ako e no!!).

Like I said in my first few posts, I do consider myself OC a lot of times but I’m not all-encompassing OC (there’s the disclaimer).  However, this blog isn’t just about me.  Every mom has some OC streak in her (hence my dream of an OC Anonymous treatment center one day).  So here, I have attempted to list down (in my oh-so-unscientific way) the different ways a mom can be OC.


She has a place for everything and everything in its place.

She hangs out in Howard’s Storage; likes Muji for the translucent containers (but if she’s lucky, she finds them in Saizen for 1/4 the price), alphabetizes books, CDs and refrigerator contents.  She loves National Bookstore’s office supplies section and probably organized her own wedding and kids’ birthday parties (using stuff she bought from National Bookstore or Divi).  Online, she’s subscribed to Martha Stewart’s email tips and sends family members iCal invites, even for date night.

OC Organizers organized clockwise: Martha Stewart, the ultimate OC Organizer.  101Gramsofeyecandy’s binder where she files all her daughters’ reply slips!  Sleek diaper bag from ManilaBabyShop which is always out of stock.  Organizer apps for moms from AppSafari.  Customized shoe closet of The Diplomatic Wife (customized according to her shoe measurements!).  Battery container of Darth Vader.



She is also an organizer but the difference is, she likes things organized so they look not just neat but also pretty. She doesn’t just label things, she decorates the labels.  She dresses simply but chooses the items well, using them with the right accessories.  She matches her kids’ clothes and keeps her girl’s (if she has a girl) hair neat with ribbons from Celestina.  She loves Elfa storage solutions and collects Pottery Barn catalogues.  She loves Pinterest and whoever invented it and she uses them as pegs for her small decor projects in the home.

Aesthetic OC Pinned clockwise: Perpetual wall calendar of 101gramsofeyecandy.  Tin Dychiao or Manila Fashion Observer who is forever neat-looking and fashionable (with her similarly fashion OC husband Harvey in the back).  Pretty purple Pottery Barn girls room, something Two Tots can actually replicate.  Kate Spade shop as blogged about by my friend Of Dots ‘N Things where her posts are all about being aesthetically OC.  A dream Elfa storage unit (unrealistic though because really, any cabinet with 20 items in it would easily look neat! … Bitter!).



Also called The Worst Case Scenario OC.  She will think 2 steps ahead of the result of her actions now.  She watches the donation basket passed around in church like a hawk to see which parts are untouched and that’s where she holds it.  She thinks the internet was made for her because she can research everything.  However, she doesn’t believe the first thing she reads.  She has to info overload and cross-check various resources.  With this, she doesn’t automatically believe advertising claims.

Info on the Paranoid Nerd OC Clockwise: Does not have filtered water delivered at home because of the BPA found in polycarbonate gallons of water.  Drinks and bathes in Aquasana filtered water to avoid chemical-absorption into her babies’ bodies.  Loves WebMD for symptom research and can actually do DDX House-style.   Does not subscribe to everything that is labeled “Antibacterial” because most of them contain Triclosan.  Washes hands several times a day surgeon-style.

Obviously, I am the third type, with a smattering of the Organizer OC.  If you know my daughter whose hair is the messiest in her class, then obviously, I’m not the Aesthetic OC :)  I’m sure there are other types but these are the general ones I thought of.

So there.  That’s my OC disclaimer.  I’m not perfect.  Well, nobody is!  Haha.  What about you, what kind of OC mom are you?  Answer the poll on the sidebar and let’s tally!


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25 Responses to What Kind of OC Mom Are You?

  1. Mom-Friday says:

    Naku, you did not include the “externally put together, internally disheveled” type like me, hahaha…in short, pang-labas lang — organized chaos! LOL!
    Though I am a cross between 1 & 2, a mild version lang. I can’t keep up with being OC esp. in a house with uncooperative non-OC people. I learned to let go at some level ever since I got married and had kids.

  2. Eliza says:

    Wala ako dito. Un-aesthetic OC. It may not look fixed, but believe me, it is.

  3. Precious Quintos says:

    i’m more of type 1 and the stick-to-a-schedule OC mom. i used to be type 3… but i kinda let go of being paranoid. slightly paranoid na lang. nakakastress.

  4. Tanya says:

    I’m the schizophrenic OC. Comes from being OC and then marrying the biggest slob in the world. I am only in the places I can control – my closets, the kids’ closet, the pantry and the refrigerator. Everywhere else is a battlefield (literally and figuratively).

    Applies to the kids too. I’ll santize the living crap out of public high chairs, I have a shopping cart cover and I pack my own toilet seat covers. But O has also “swiffered” various department store floors and public areas because she likes to lie down and plank in protest when she’s pissed. And I let her.

    The schizophrenic OC. bow.

  5. carla says:

    i’m definitely o.c. I have these weird habits like not being able to sleep until i know all the charger cables are tied up, i.e. hindi pwede nakaiwan lang sa floor. I have to fold even dirty clothes that go in the hamper, di pwede just fling them inside. I can’t stand drops of water on the kitchen floor, i have to wipe them with alcohol and tissue. Actually, minsan being o.c. can be a source of stress for me sometimes. Like i spend a lot of unnecessary time when traveling folding clothes in the hotel or wiping the bathroom floor with alcohol. I also experienced real o.c.-ness with some people i know personally- like a friend of mine spends hours in a day just washing his hands. True o.c.-ness is actually more than just being neat and clean. It involves compulsive and irrational behaviors that can control your life.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Thanks for reading the blog Carla You’re not the first one who’s told me she folds the clothes in the hamper so you are not alone :)

      I’m not sure how to read the latter part of your comment though. I apologize if it seems that I am making light of the real OC disorder. In my disclaimer, I mention that I hope not to trivialize the disorder with this blog. And if I seemed to have done so, I apologize. Although I write about the casual use of the term, the original context is something serious and maybe I should use a part of the blog to educate people about its seriousness. Thanks for reminding me of this.

      I don’t want to meddle but if the OC-ness is causing you major stress, do you think it will help to talk to someone? Anyway, like I said, maybe I can research on this because I do joke about making an OC Anonymous group but maybe some do need support from others.

      • Carla says:

        Thank you, I appreciate your reply =) I read your disclaimer as well. I guess it’s just different when you experience first-hand the ugly and debilitating side of the disease. But I’m glad you were able to recognize this and clarify through your disclaimer and your reply. Cheers!

        • ocmominmanila says:

          Thanks Carla. Like The Diplomatic Wife says below, it helped her a lot to talk to someone. And if you would like to share your story to me and my readers, I would be more than glad to post it and hopefully help others.

  6. mymommyology says:

    I love it! What about Time-OC-ness? Type 1? Where does that fall under? Although I fail at it miserably. Or there was another angle I thought of that I wanted to consult you on. Haha. Would love an OC-treatment facility / school to attend. 😉

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Time OC-ness, yes I forgot about that. But I think that falls on 1 no? Haha, we’re so OC in organizing the OC types.

  7. I agree… I am not yet officially a mom (though I think I am mom to DiploDog AND to TD – that’s 2 kids already!). I am definitely #1 and a #2 wanna be! That’s why I create my own custom made furniture so that it all looks neat, tidy & beautiful on the outside yet holds everything organized inside. I have to confess that I prefer to have the perfect mess, if I am unable to organize things perfectly (with labels and all!) so there are parts of our home that are perfectly organized and pretty, but others that are a complete mess! Extremes! haha!

    There are times that I do get stressed out with my obsessive compulsions and that’s when TD comes in and tells me…. “IT’S OKAY.” Sometimes I see a shrink when I need to, to talk out getting too stressed. I am not ashamed to admit it. It’s better for prevention instead of just going batshit crazy later. In fact it was my shrink that first got me into thinking of putting up a blog (he told me about the movie Julie and Julia)…to help with the big life changes of moving and leaving my career (which can drive you crazy if you are an OC control freak like me). So I say if you are getting too stressed out Carla… go on over and talk to a professional. (just make sure you get a REALLY good psych so that it’s not a waste of money)

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Thanks for candidly sharing with us that you go to a shrink. I do think counseling has a lot of benefits and I actually plan to go to CEFAM myself. Would you be so kind to share the number of a good shrink in case my readers would like to consult?

  8. i’m like Eli – organized chaos. I actually need help from people like you, I’m the perfect candidate for those shows where experts barge into houses and clean up messes and organize cabinets and shelves. tapos the homeowner would come in after the house clean-up and make-over and cry because it’d be the first time she’s seen her floor in 5 years hahaha 😛

  9. Jackie Go says:

    Ummm I’m an emotional OC? if there’s such a thing. My OCness is powered by my emotions! haha I am beautiful mess. Naks. But I think more than being organized, OC ako time wise and scheduling wise. Yun lang :p

  10. Rone says:

    I have selective OCness. I’m only OC about certain things like the earthlings’ sleep schedules when they were little, bedtime and toy organization. For the life of me I cannot understand why yaya cannot separate the colored pencils and the normal pencils or the Hotwheels cars from the non Hotewheels cars. Is it really so hard or do they just don’t care?

    For myself I am only OC about my accessories, my undies and my shoes. Not so bad with accessories – organization is according to rings, earrings, real, fake, etc. But my shoes are my love and they must be in the right place at all times. Arranged by style and favorites, cannot be interchanged. I also like them one shoe facing in and one shoes face out so you can see the heel and back you are looking for. My undies … I think I’ll keep that to myself!

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