We Do Live More With Good Technology

I like the new Smart #LiveMore TVC. The marketing and advertising person in me sees the thinking and expense put into the production.  The mommy in me understands the message, particularly that of the frustrated mom who couldn’t get through to her daughter who was alone in school, waiting.

There are some people who say technology makes things more impersonal, diminishes the bond among family members and makes life more complicated.  I think it’s the complete opposite.

As the 6th kid among 7, there was a tendency for me to be “forgotten” (think Home Alone).  I remember always having 3 25-centavo coins in my pocket so I can use that red pay phone in school to call home and see why I was still in the empty school car port at 5PM.  In college, we would stick post-its on the wall of the UP CBA entrance, cafeteria or one of the org rooms to tell friends where we were (there was always a risk that the adhesive would fail and the post-it would fly off).  Later on, we had one friend in our group (Gigit, you have special mention) who got a pager and everyone would beep her messages for everyone else.  Then came expensive and mostly unreliable cellular networks (I had an Extelcom which looked like I had a land line in the car — handset with coiled wire and all) and then, text messaging.  The internet was relatively new and we mostly used internet cafes or a noisy dial-up modem in the house for my free Edsamail account (it came with a CD!).  In the last decade we’ve seen amazing leaps in personal technology — technology that doesn’t just make work easier, it makes life easier.  Moreover, I honestly believe it makes families and friends talk to each other more.

Because of the new communication technologies, and our Macs, my husband and I get to “see” our daughter even when we’re away on trips.  We even have scheduled Face Time or video chat schedules in my OC Away-From-Home daily schedules.  Our daughters get to “see” their grandparents more often than the regular visits.  And of course, Facebook has brought our family much closer despite everyone having their own lives or some members being in other countries.  So, I am pro- tech advancement.  I am pro- tech capitalists.  I am happy I lived through the last few decades and actually experienced the transitions from the rotary phone through to FaceTime because I can tell my kids about it.  I can tell my grand kids about it.  Maybe I’ll even tell them via 3D hologram Face Time while I’m on a space cruise.  I just know technology will always get better and I just know that the new and reliable ways of communicating will continue to improve my relationships with family.  We DO live more with good technology.

[Disclosure: Smart obviously sponsored this post.  They provided the money.  I provided the creativity.]


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2 Responses to We Do Live More With Good Technology

  1. I can’t imagine living life without internet or phone. My dad used to tell me that in their time, there were no landlines. If you wanted to call somebody, you have to go to the post office and call another post office in order to talk to someone (how would they know what time you were calling?)
    And if you post a letter, it would take a month for it to arrive.
    My father was a businessman and my mother a housewife, when he went abroad of just to another region, I can’t imagine not receiving a text if he arrived safely or where he is or just an update in how he is doing.
    I’m very thankful for technology, it makes communication easier and more accessible.

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