Admit It, You’re OC Too: Mothering Earthlings Confessional

There’s an OC in every mom, even just the tiniest bit :)  There’s even an ounce of OC in hipster mom Rone Valles Guerrero, even if she says there’s none (admit it Rone!).  Rone is the mom behind Mothering Earthlings, the nicest baby and kid online store in the Philippines, offering a range of mom and baby products, predominantly made by Filipino moms.

This March, Mothering Earthlings is giving away a mega-load of OC stuff to one of my lucky readers.

  • A Handy Dandy Tie Chair from The Crib (I love this! It saves you and your baby from making use of those high chairs in restaurants which always look like they need a good scrubbing)
  • Human Nature Triclosan Free Hand Sanitizer (No to triclosan!)
  • Indigo Baby Divine Intervention All In One Spray (It’s good for anything!)

To qualify, just ‘fess up and share one of your overly OC mom moments in the comments section.  Do you scrub those public toilets clean before letting your child sit on them?  Have you used a whole gallon of alcohol AND a whole pack of wipes to clean a restaurant’s high chair?  Do you make your kids clean their hands after touching anything outside your home?  I’m sure you have some story you can share.

Earthlings Mama Rone and I will choose the top 5 answers. From these answers, we will get 1 random winner to receive ALL of the prizes above.

  • Giveaway is open to anyone in the Philippines.
  • Contest closes on April 1, 2012, 11:59:59 pm.
  • Winner must pick up prizes from my office in Valero [EDIT: Mothering Earthlings has kindly offered to ship for free within the Philippines]

Looking forward to reading your OC stories!  Good luck everyone!

Go check out other cool kid and baby stuff from Mothering Earthlings (Buy Spinkie, Next9, Human Nature — waaah, it’s just so addicting to shop there!)

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47 Responses to Admit It, You’re OC Too: Mothering Earthlings Confessional

  1. Chesca says:

    I was just going to make a blog entry on how OC I am but hey, you know me and your contests!

    I’ve been a mommy for 5 months now and my OC level has reached its highest! I’m so scared of germs and bacteria coming into contact with my baby. That’s why everyone who will hold (or even just be near) my son would have to spray on alcohol (I use an alcohol from the hospital) and have to air dry it for 5 minutes. And no one with make up and jewelry can carry the baby! Whenever we need to change his nappies when we’re out of the house, I spray the changing pad with alcohol first then let it dry, cover the space with a dry pad and then put on the changing pad where my baby will lie down.

    Our closet space has been taken over by baby stuff. I organized his clothes to going-out outfits, stay-at-home outfits, sleepwear, clothes that do not fit yet. His footwear are in a clear container I got from S&R (10 pieces for 1,199!)

    I know I’m going to be more OC when he starts solids! I’ve already prepared his menu in my mind, and the disinfecting steps I’ve to take with the paraphernalia in making his own food!

    I love this topic! :)

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Organized footwear for a 5 month old! I have to see that collection :) Send me your blog link for that menu. We started solids already and I’m preparing everything now from scratch unlike my 1st daughter where we actually succumbed to buying commercial food.

  2. I am obsessed with germs now.

    Last week it was organizers- I bought tons of lock& lock containers to store Awie’s bottles, biscuits, milk, toys, feeding utensils etc- ok so it has something to do with germs, too. I have to save her stuff from contamination!

    This week, ever since Awie was diagnosed with amoebiasis, I bought like a 4 packs of baby wipes, a handy nanny, and I put alcohol bottles in every room. So that whoever wants to play/carry Awie has to sanitize first.

    I am becoming too OC for my own good. Before carrying Awie, I sanitize. I use alcohol EVERY TIME I touch something- ANYTHING that I know I will be touching Awie after.
    I think I replace wipes and alcohol bottles every week. But still, prevention is better than cure and you can never be too safe for your kids!

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Aww, how old is Awie? I hope he’s better. No matter how OC we are those darned viruses can still find a way in!

  3. sarah says:

    Mommies lang po ang pede sumali?

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Well, mommies and daddies can join. But single people are excluded because the prizes are for those with kids, really. Sorry :(

  4. Ria D. Laab says:

    hahaha! So guilty about using a whole gallon of alcohol and packs of wipes to clean a restaurant high chair. Luckily, I really do not use the whole pack of wipes and gallons of alcohol. But I do that.

    OC moments, I organize my baby’s stuff by separating his sando’s to his onesies, etc. I use a particular hanger for his clothes. So those that have sleeve’s are hanged and those that do not have are folded, of course folded properly and uniformly.

    I follow my baby around when he is eating biscuits or cheerios, with a broom and wipes. When he drops a cheerio on the floor I sweep it up immediately. I wipe his high chair when there are crumbs from his biscuits. :) And now his lola and lolo are doing that too because they know that I do not like seeing my baby boy with messy hands because of those sticky crumbs.

    Before he sleeps, I arrange his linens properly. I don’t like seeing any crumple and I don’t like it also when they are not alined.hahaha!

    And sanitizing his hands after touching things in the mall or anywhere else. :)

  5. Precious Quintos says:

    I’ve done the disinfecting and sterilizing everything that comes into contact with my baby (changing table, high chair, toys, other caregivers, etc.) Now, when the other parents are not looking, i clean (and disinfect) the hands, face and sometimes even the feet of kids that play with my baby. I hope the other parents don’t get offended. I’m just trying to make sure I have a clean and healthy environment for my baby.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Bwahahaha, I love it. I wouldn’t get offended if it were me. I do tell other kids not to touch my baby’s face and hands and just her legs, if they really need to touch something.

  6. Jenny Soliman says:

    I think every mom (and dad, esp my husband) is OC. :-) We have bottles of alcohol and disinfectant spray at home. We have alcohol bottles everywhere (in the car, every diaper bag, and in my sling pocket) We spray bed linens w/ alcohol or lysol before we put our bebe down. hehe I got that from my husband. And since we have a toddler in the house who loves opening door, we also spray alcohol on every door knobs (lalo na s CR). I just hope my kids won’t get intoxicated with alcohol. :-)

    • ocmominmanila says:

      I do think so too :) But maybe that’s just us. I actually try to avoid Lysol around your kids. I don’t think those chemicals are safe. Or if you’re using the local Lysol version, it’s actually just alcohol so you’re better off buying BAND-AID alcohol. I had a post on it before. I now use Messy Bessy disinfectant spray. It smells very nice.

  7. I admit I’m OC, hopefully in a beneficial way. When my daughter started using the high chair and becoming fond of travelling, I always carry with me 500ml of alcohol (for adults), baby hand sanitizer (for my baby) and a toy and surface cleaner (for the her dropped toys and any surfaces she gets in touch with).

    I don’t let anyone touch her without rubbing some alcohol first because they say most illnesses are transmitted by the hands. My baby is also fond of putting her hand on her mouth so I make sure to use a hand sanitizer that is organic and food-safe.

    I haven’t really tried renting those baby carts / pushchairs on the malls because I’m too scared that my daughter might acquire some bacteria from the previous renters of those carts/pushchairs.

    It was my husband who is very particular with cleanliness and safety when it comes to my daughter. I think it is much better to be vigilant than to be lax when it comes to our daughter’s well-being. Mabuti nang OC kesa pabaya. :)

  8. Allan Reyes says:

    I don’t let my child hold the escalator rail because its dirty.I just keep him close to me when ridding the escalator.

  9. Gladita Manongsong says:

    If we are going to eat in a restaurant, I let my kids wash their hands first and being a mom I wipe their plates and eating utensils with tissue napkins to ensure cleanliness in eating foods.

    I we are commuting in a jeepney, I don’t let my child hold the hawakan sa taas hehe kasi marumi yun same with LRT/MRT so I have a hand sanitizer in my bag in case hindi maiwasan :)

  10. I’m not really an OC person in terms of other things but when it comes to my kid, i guess it’s part of being a mom that you become super careful about the things they had. It’s always my rule that their clothes and things are washed separately and with a different soap specifically just for them.

    Sorry, you can look and admire my child but it’s a no-no to hold them. I don’t know if your hands are clean or what. It is also my principle rule that my yaya would wash their hands or use alcohol before preparing foods and milk formula.

    We don’t usually bring him to the mall, because i’m afraid of him getting cough or colds from other people but if we don’t have any choice, i make sure that our wipes and sanitizer is at hand. Prevention is always better than cure, that’s one thing i always kept on mind. After all, it’s about the health of my child we are talking about. Every mother would agree that keeping their children safe is always a high priority.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      I agree about bringing them to the mall only if necessary (or if they’re going stir crazy). I only started allowing my daughter to go to the play gyms in the past year because she’s already big and makulit. I just sterilize her after. Hahaha.

  11. Mae says:

    I think every parent will always have that oc-ness when it comes to their kids. I am no different.

    When cleaning his bottles, I don’t let anyone else do this task. It always has to be me and it will always take up too much time before I finish because I make sure that the bottles are perfectly clean without any residue and then on they go to the sterilizer.

    When it comes to Johan’s bathing, I have to scrub his bath seat a gazilion times before letting him sit in it. His toothbrush is sterilized as well, he uses different products for his hair, face and body. I always make it a point to do a lot of research before purchasing products that he will be using. Everything has to be all-natural, chemical free.

    And yes, like the other moms, there are bottles of alcohol in every room of the house, in all the bags that I have so it’ll always be handy whenever Johan or anything needs sanitizing.

    I just have to tell this story. There was one time when Johan wanted to go out of the house and I am making such a fuss in scrubbing the slippers that he’ll be wearing. You know what my son did? He picked up the other pair of slipper, went to the kitchen and the next thing I know, he had the mineral water container faucet (or whatever that’s called) on and washed his slippers himself. With mineral water! OC kid in the making. =)

  12. Cha Gutierrez says:

    It is just innate for parents especially moms to be OC and sometimes overprotective. I can attest to that. Because when i had my daugther i always make sure that before someone touch her i give alcohol first, then give lampin or white towel to cover their clothes before they can carry her.

    I also make sure that a mosquito net is properly attach to her hammock or crib to make sure that it is mosquito free.

    Besides from ironing her clothes, neatly folding and storing it to her cabinet I see to it that there are no ants before she wears it.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      I’ve heard about ironing their clothes so no ants are on them – from my mom. Question though — why will there be ants? Or it’s just because ants are everywhere?

  13. Jackie Go says:

    Oh my where do I even begin?! As a mom as much as possible I disinfect anything and everything that my daughter touches. I’ve recently seen the movie Contagion, gosh my level of OCness doubled after watching it. Virus and the like can be super scary and it doesn’t help that they vastly evolve over time so as much as possible, everything I use for her is organic and natural. As a homemaker & full time stay at home mom, I make sure I follow my time management & chores schedule. I know routines can be boring but it can really help when you’re a helpless mom (thank God I now have a helper) with a toddler who’s hyper active. But if there’s one thing that would best describe my OCness it would have to be my doing things meticulously prefect. If one little dirt appears after cleaning, I sweep & clean everything again from the start. If my schedule & time are compromised I think and re-adjust everything. My OCness has revolved around the fact that I’m a stay at home mom and all consideration must be made for the safety of my daughter & family-that has become my OC mantra. But most of all, my mind is overly charged especially at night. All thoughts, ideas, plans,goals and future scenarios (read: visualizing my daughter 10-20 years from now & planning on how to react/act on different scenarios) of how I can better take care of my daughter and family always come pouring in so I have tons of lil’ notebooks and pens waiting to be written & filled. Yes, I could go on and on but that may require a blog post and a coffee to match. 😀

  14. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Especially with a baby who has not yet enough immunity, one should always be as clean as possible.

    There are the usual precautionary measures to take such as sanitizing or washing the hands before touching them, making sure their beddings are clean, placing sapin on the shoulders and arms before carrying them, having the family bathe when they get home to keep the germs from spreading, and keeping ill people away especially those with colds.

    Rather like Monk, the most OC things that I do for my baby is not to bring them to crowded areas like malls. If there is no need to bring a child, especially under the age of 4, why expose them to the viruses and germs that are contained in such an enclosed space?

    This came about when my child and I caught a very bad cold as someone in the elevator was sneezing. At that time, the first thing that came to my mind was that he should cover his mouth. It was so difficult for her as she was only 6 months old. As the cold progressed, using the pump to remove the mucus would make her scream so I stopped using it. It was so frustrating to see her suffer so, and all of that was because I wanted to make her pasyal.

    Keep the children at home as much as possible in a sanitary environment. Going out to play is good, but why bring a little baby to a mall where so many people could be sick?

    Thank you for letting me share my story. My baby girl is now nearly two years old and I only bring her to the mall when necessary to prevent her from getting ill.

  15. My grocery expense went up ever since Julia was born. I spend a lot on alcohol and baby wipes. If we are in a restaurant, I don’t use their high chair (left over food, dust, etc. yuck!). I bring her portable high chair. Since I need an adult chair to use it, I use baby wipes to clean the chair, then spray alcohol.

    Also, because Julia just learned to walk, we practice at Gymboree. I do not let her wear shorts. I used to let her wear shirts with long sleeves but she perspires a lot so instead of her getting sick, we have to let her wear short-sleeved shirts. After playing, I clean her arms, hands and feet with soap then alcohol.

    I am not really OC but when my daughter was born, i feel like OCness came with motherhood instincts.

    Great blog, by the way. I learn a lot from your tips. Thanks!

  16. Ceemee says:

    Am I a bad mom for not being very OC with my kids’ cleanliness? But, I am quite particular with my baby’s bottles and the way they should be washed. I inspect them and smell them before I sterilize them. I discovered I could be OC with other stuff, like the spoon and fork, I want them to match. I also group my clothes according to color and only two kinds of hangers should be in our closets. I don’t like super assorted ones. The kids’ toys need to be grouped together properly, cooking toys in a box and Barbie dolls and the clothes in another. And I get stressed when their crayons and markers aren’t complete. I put stickers on the inside of my baby’s clothes cabinet so the short-sleeved, sleeveless, long-sleeved, pajamas, going-out clothes, onesies, socks, mittens, booties, hats are categorized when the helper would keep them after ironing.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Of course not! Never think you’re a bad mom. We do the best we can :) I admit I am not OC about a lot of things too :) But after reading what you’ve written, hello, you are so OC :) Hahaha.

  17. aneria says:

    yes am an oc momma. i check their closets and room (has to be tidy!) and ask them if theyv done their homework and brushed their teeth before sleeping. i guess being oc is ok, it means we care :)

  18. em alcantara says:

    Oh, I am not so much of an OC, but my husband is! He’s always ready with his alcohol and tissue to wipe high chairs and tables before I can even put our squirmy daughter down. He’d wash and wash our daughter’s hands every after single unsure-if-it’s-clean thing she’s touched because more often than not, her fingers will land on her mouth (think soap commercial-type kid). He will make sure he knows where my daughter’s stuff is and if anyone rearranges it, he’d go ballistic and say “where did her diaper clips go???” He makes sure our dear daughter learns a new word every day, or checks out what she did during the day when both mom and dad are at work. He takes our daughter out for a walk (make that a run!), plays with her every night before going to sleep, makes sure she eats well and healthy foods are only served to her (no preservatives, no canned foods, no MSG!). Is that OC enough for you? :)

    But despite the OC-ness, he just is being the coolest dad he can be and lets our daughter be what she is — the ever makulit, cute, smart, charming toddler she is, the very reason why we’re OC in taking care of her. Who wouldn’t?

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Ooh, I want to feature him. Can you take a photo of something that can show his OC-ness? :) Will he allow himself to be featured?

  19. Mia R says:

    I thought I was not the OC kind of a mommy but, reading this post made me realize that each mom has their handful of OCness to share. 😀 Here are my simple OCness.

    1) I would always remind my eldest son never to drink just any kind of water unless it is bottled water or our own water we brought from home. What’s nasty, one day when we’re in a friends house and he was offered their purified water in a glass, he shouted and asked me from where he is seated “Mom!! Is this water clean!??”. I felt so embarrassed, but what the heck – It was my OCness on my kids’ well-being and he just picked it up from me. :)

    2) When my twin girls were potty trained, it was a nightmare for me to have 2 girls go to a public restroom – worse… use the potty! The idea of them touching any (yes, any part) of a public restroom is something I cannot withstand.

    In the restroom, I would use baby wipes to open the door knob of the restroom while baby 1 on my arm. I spend 2-3 wipes wiping the seat (using my feet – shoes on of course), let my baby stand on the wipes on the potty (so her shoes won’t touch the potty seat), then I flush using my shoes. We would wash our hands and bring our own soap and wipe with baby wipes after. 😀 Then, baby 2 is next.

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Hahaha, funny potty stories. It’s a balancing act :)

      I don’t want to alarm you but I have a few studies in this blog on bottled water being harmful because of the toxic chemicals leached by plastic. Feel free to search them. This is my biggest advocacy so I hope you don’t mind me “preaching” on this. :)

  20. Maricar P. Ramirez says:

    I guess it’s natural for every mom to become OC because we only want what’s best for our baby. Being a 1st time mother to a 1 year old baby girl has been really challenging for me. Everything has to be organize and satisfactory clean from milk to vitamins to clothes and her surrounding. It’s been my habit to always change my baby’s clothing & diaper not only after playing but also before she sleeps, so she’ll be more comfortable & after she wakes up to avoid irritation on her skin & also to avoid possible occurance of cough & flu due to dried sweat.

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