Only the Mildest Water for My Baby

Before going home, the pedia gave us instructions in the hospital on bathing and cleaning the baby.  She advised not to use ordinary soap (or those wipes you can just buy in the drugstore for cheap) as the baby’s skin is still very thin and sensitive. Only water should be used.  However, because I am familiar what lies in our tap water (yes, knowledge is dangerous for me), I knew even water alone isn’t as mild as we perceive it to be.  Water goes through treatment plants and is exposed to disinfectant and environmental chemicals like Chlorine, Lead, Benzene (fuel), and other Volatile Organic Chemicals.  (You can check out some of the chemicals found in tap water on this sheet.)  And knowing this, I didn’t want to bathe the baby in tap water without removing all these harmful chemicals that can affect her skin or even get absorbed in her body.

In a previous post, I showed some research from the Children’s Environmental Health Project by CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) and it highlighted 2 things:

  1. Exposure [to substances] may occur via bathing, showering or immersion in contaminated natural swimming water and, therefore, through direct skin absorption. (Yes, you absorb the water you bathe in.)
  2. A baby’s skin is thinner and more permeable than an adult’s is, and is more susceptible to damage from environmental agents.  
So I’m very thankful that we now have an Aquasana Shower Filter at home to bathe the baby in and even use for just cleaning during nappy changes.  It also makes me feel better when some water splashes into her face — eyes, nose and mouth — and I know nothing icky or harmful is going into her little body.
When bathing, we also make sure we only use safe and organic soaps.  We mix the soap with water first because I don’t want to use undiluted soap directly on her body.  I also don’t use anything but the filtered water on her face.
My first baby experienced eczema when she was a baby and we thought it was because of the soaps she used.  With the new baby though, her skin has been super soft since day 1.  No dry skin, rashes or break-outs and I now honestly believe the water has a lot to do with it, not just the bathing products.


DISCLOSURE: I own AquasanaStore in the Philippines, a distributor of Aquasana water filters.

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    Is that N?! She does look big for her age! Cutie-pie!!!! I will squish her to bits! Watch out!

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