Nesting Part 4: My Home Office Cabinet

I work from the house more than half of the week. I prefer to situate myself on our dining room table which is more spacious than my husband’s former office (slash – junk room).  You can check out 101gramsofeyecandy’s feature on my work area a few months ago as part of her “Where Do You Blog” series.  My favorite part of that work area is the antique bookcase we bought in Tiendesitas to match another one we got from my husband’s lola’s home in Lipa, which now holds our dishes.

In this antique bookcase, I keep all the home office supplies, bills waiting to be paid and filed, notebooks, electronics and our Mac stuff, and a few marketing books and some of my files.  It’s also a place to store away some work when we clear the table for meals.

With a ton of small stuff and a big cabinet, you’re bound to end up with mess.  I also hate it when the helper packs away some of my things in the wrong places.  So, to keep organized, I bought a few frosted containers from Muji and labeled then with old-school Dymo tape (both solutions suggested by 101gramsofeyecandy again).

I’m still trying to find a way to make it look neater.  But just like everything in the land of OC, it’s a work in progress.


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8 Responses to Nesting Part 4: My Home Office Cabinet

  1. eyecandy says:

    I love your nesting series! Keep ’em coming! I love your antique bookcases, I want one too! ( p.s- my containers are from Saizen lang :))

  2. ocmominmanila says:

    Of course I answered you via email pala! Hahaha. Here’s my answer again:


    OO nga, kainis ka e!! I didn’t see any of those in Saizen. Yung akin kaya 495-595 each!

  3. Mymommyology says:

    Still nesting? It is longer for oc people no? Hahaha!
    What is Saizen? Why does it keep coming up?

  4. ocmominmanila says:

    Yes, we’re still nesting and I’m not completely done. I still have 1 more post I think and I hope it will make it in time before I give birth because I haven’t written it.

    Saizen is originally Daiso from Japan. It’s the P88 store in Galleria which has all sorts of weird but useful Japanese OC stuff.

  5. Christine says:

    We have saizen here in Pampanga (marquee mall) pero d ko pinapansin (suplada!) sayang marami pala makikita dun. Note to self, check saizen on your next mall visit.

  6. eyecandy says:

    Unbelievable! Mine were P88/pc.

    Hi jenny, christine, here’s a link to my ‘wannabe muji’ containers.


  7. ocmominmanila says:

    Kaya nga kainis ka! Hahaha.

    Yes, Christine, check out eyecandy’s blog for her super cool finds from Saizen, Landmark, SM. =)

  8. Hmmmm… I think if everything were the same color, or color coordinated it would cool also help? (i.e. group colors or color objects that are in the same area the same – if you can have someone else spray paint for you)

    For some reason this image come to mind (I’m not really sure why!)

    Btw I have the same system (except my stackable boxes have lids) that also have Dymo labels! LOL! Great minds think alike! =P

    OC mom I caught a glimpse of your bookshelves at eyecandy’s post! Do you mind sending me a photo? I would love to get inspiration. I’m almost done finalizing the design for mine, but I’d love to get more OC inspiration, just in case I didn’t think of something! Would love love love it! Thanks!!!

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