35 Responses to Nesting Part 3: Mang Narcing, the Professional Upholsterer and Slip Cover-Maker

  1. Mang Narcing’s making slipcovers for our sofa, too. I was ambivalent at first to try him out, then I saw how he transformed Mom’s worn down Italian leather sofa set–the one we grew up with those 15 years abroad–and I was convinced, both about the price and the workmanship.

  2. Mom-Friday says:

    What great timing you have Kris!!! I AM IN NEED OF ONE! Thanks to Martine for sharing too.
    Would you know if he can do Lazy-Boy type of recliners?

  3. ocmominmanila says:

    Michelle, I’m sure he can. He did our foldable Thai mat very well and it’s pretty complicated. Like all suppliers though, make sure everything is documented and agreements are all clear so that there are no issues upon delivery. =)

  4. Wow I am so loving the workmanship. Pulido nga! Thanks for sharing. I will share with my mother in-law too! Sayang she had some made na, but for future reference. I’m feeling so much better because I had IKEA style seat cushions (with velcro straps instead of ties) done by danni my furni maker and I thought it was mahal at P700 (including thick top quality cushions and fabric). I guess that really is the industry standard nowadays for good quality.

    Siyempre yung peg ko is my floor to ceiling curtains which has nothing to do with upholstering. Hehe. Labo! Lemme know if you need for curtains, I have a super galing one na super cheap!

    • legallymama says:

      Hi there! This post sure comes in handy! :) thank you ocmominmanila.

      But I am interested in the curtain maker coz I badly need one. If the diplomatic wife would be kind enough, can you pretty please send me the contact details at khayebrotonel@yahoo.com, I will be truly grateful! Thanks a lot mommies! :)

  5. manilamommy says:

    great post! good job mang narcing!

    2 years ago,we the hubby and i wanted his couch in his room to be reupholstered so we went to shell canvas and mas mahal pa yung quote kesa sa value ng sofa hahaha!

  6. ocmominmanila says:

    TDW, yes, email me the curtain-maker please!! I actually had Mang Narcing make a set for me but in case it’s not his expertise then I can tap your supplier =)

    ManilaMommy Neva, Haha. Mahal ata sa Shell Canvas but I’m sure they’re good and the fabric is of good quality. But Mang Narcing is a good alternative. Gagawan ko nga siya ng WordPress account …

  7. mymommyology says:

    super like! i will remember this post when the time comes…

  8. eyecandy says:

    Has it been 6 years???

    Thanks for sharing, I’m going to need his services too! (That is, kung hindi pa siya fully booked).

    What’s your electric fan in the background? Looks different. I need new fans too. :)

  9. ocmominmanila says:

    Yes, 6 years!! M is 4 na. =)

    The electric fan’s old. It’s the Dowell industrial fan. I find it too noisy and hard o clean because the grill is screwed.

  10. Mommy G says:

    Very timely! I need someone to reupholster my mother-in-law’s dining room chairs. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Maureen Hebres says:

    pls. pray for my father for fast recovery, he got stroke last Jan.18.:(

  12. Joey says:

    It’s so difficult to find referrals for slipcover makers! Thank you for your post. I am in need of one and Mang Narcing seems like a good find! I hope he charges ok for sofas too. :)

    • ocmominmanila says:

      I hope he’s OK now though. In the comment above, you’ll see his daughter said he had a heart attack.

      • Joey says:

        OMG! I am feeling so stupid right now. I saw that comment but it didn’t cross my mind that the commenter was his daughter and she was referring to Mang Narcing. Hope he’s ok.

  13. Sheryl says:

    Hello, thanks for the great post. I’ve been trying to find a decent upholsterer. Any word on Mang Narcing?

  14. Maureen H. Regio says:

    hi there!

    this is the daughter of Mang Narcing, we are now accepting repair of sofa and curtains, feel free to call us at 436-0077 or 09107432374..:)

  15. Hi, Thank you very much for posting this. I will need slipcovers very soon because the ones I made are already showing signs of years of use and my sewing machine broke. So thank you for writing this piece. Regards.

  16. busymom says:

    Got the contact numbers of Mang Narcing from your blog. How happy I was when i chanced upon your blog as I was really looking for a sofa cover and curtain maker. I didn’t waste time as I want my home to look christmassy already by not later than last week of this month (am writing today, Nov. 10, 2012) and called the landline number you listed, but cannot get through. Good thing I saw the daughter’s message, and got the mobile number as well. I called, and was able to talk to his daughter. Called her twice, to confirm if her father can come to our house (supposed to be today) and she confirmed that her parents will go to my house. So I texted her my complete address. No reply/ acknowledgement. I resent my address again last night because I thought she might not have gotten my first txt. No reply pa rin. So I called her, but doesn’t answer. So I was thinking, okay lang, because as your blog says, tumutupad naman sila sa usapan. Then I got a text from the daughter at 2am, saying “nakuha ko po txt nyo, pero pasensya na po at hindi makakapunta magulang ko”. Just like that! Not even – hindi sila puwede pala tomorrow, or something came up, or kelan po kayo available for another schedule… wala at all. I am disappointed. I tried calling the mobile number again awhile ago to give them another shot (as i was thinking baka its the daughter who committed lang kasi and not Mang Narcing himself naman) but the daughter is not answering her mobile anymore. Frustrating, as I thought, finally, according to your testimony, someone professional in this field of expertise as lahat ng na-experience ko were all malabo at unprofessional. Not your fault though ha! You spoke from experience naman for sure. Maybe they got super busy na when people saw your blog and they’re now in this situation like the others and could not accommodate clients properly anymore :(

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. I know hot that feels! It’s so frustrating. Thank you for putting the comment here just to manage the expectations of others. I’m worried though if the dad is sick again. But really, they were very professional before and it surprised me. I wouldn’t blog about it if it wasn’t so. :) I guess I just have to edit my post to manage the readers’ expectations.

  17. lenie grace almario says:

    Hi OC MomInManila,

    First I would like to thank you for this blog, it was so helpful. I’ve been looking all over google for referrals and aside from yours, all it gives me is sulit.com.ph, which I do not trust at all! Anyway, I hope Mang Narcing is better. I was going to call him if he could refer a reliable carpenter. But having read the replies, I guess I just have to wait. Or if you know one, please let us know here.

    Thank you.


  18. Does anyone have any updates on Mang Narcing? =)

  19. Jani Lape says:

    How will I be able to contact him? Pls reply ASAP if possible

  20. Cicero says:

    …do you have an updated contact number of mang narcing? i tried calling the number that you posted but it seems not working anymore. many thanks

  21. Sam Alegre says:

    Tried to contact Mang Narcing but his number is not in service.
    Is there any other possible way to contact him as I am in need of a very good upholsterer, please.

  22. Ritchie says:

    Too bad, I couldn’t get hold of him. I have several furnitures that need repair in the office.

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