Nesting Part 2: A Lamp Makeover

My husband had this nice wooden and paper lamp, which he couldn’t use anymore because it was torn in some places.  We forgot about it and only discovered it’s existence once again when we went through our junk room, which became our daughter’s room.

It was one of those things I felt I could rehabilitate so I did.

Step 1: I stripped it of the ripped paper and cleaned it thoroughly

Step 2: I gathered the materials:

I bought woven cloth wrapping paper upon the advice of  Painter’s Wife when she accompanied me to National in one of my nesting shopping trips.

I am a glue gun idiot as Samantha Sotto can attest as we failed to glue gun the mock-up of her book in the shoot of her book trailer.  I think I have burn trauma from when I was a child (a story for my brother to tell).  So I went the coward’s route and used my handy old scissors and double adhesive tape.  101 grams of eye candy will be so disappointed in me.

Step 4: I folded the woven wrapper in two to get a double fabric on the lamp, measured the area and cut to size.

Step 5: I lined the insides of the lamp with double adhesive tape and I taped on the wrapper.

And voila, a new lamp painstakingly accomplished after almost 3 working hours.  (If I would charge myself my consultancy man hours for this task, I would actually be able to buy 10 lamps.)


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5 Responses to Nesting Part 2: A Lamp Makeover

  1. eyecandy says:

    How nice! You are getting crafty, I love it!
    I have a confession, I don’t have a glue gun! I hate how the glue gets clumpy. I would do the same though, use double adhesive. :)

  2. Sam says:

    Double adhesive tape is our BFF :)

    Cute lamp, you crafty person you! :)

  3. ocmominmanila says:

    How come you guys have no profile pics? Hmmmm…

    eyecandy: YOU don’t have a glue gun?? And all this time, the pressure to live up to your expectations with glue-gunning has hounded me.

    sam: it took me a rally long time to do this!!! I almost went crazy. I don’t know how those handicraft makers do it. They should charge 10k per lamp. Hahaha.

  4. Rone says:

    Good job! Can you come over for our next room makeover?

  5. ocmominmanila says:

    As long as you breastfeed and put the new baby to sleep while I’m at it. Hahaha.

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