Nesting Part 1: M’s Room Makeover

I’m back and I’m still pregnant at 39 weeks.  Nesting kicked in pretty late for me this time as I had a lot of last minute to-dos for my businesses and for M.  Nevertheless, as nesting goes, it was still a major frenzy and I’m thankful we haven’t given birth yet.

1st on the nesting agenda: M’s new room.

From birth, M slept in an adjoining nursery to our room.  We hardly co-slept because we wanted to teach her independence from the start.  With the baby coming, we decided to move M to the extra separate room in our house which was being used as a temporary office of my husband as well as our home bodega, with junk accumulated over the last 6 years.  (Yes, I may be O.C. but like Monica Geller, I have my own junk closet – except mine is a room.  Don’t be disappointed in me!  I have an explanation for this in the future, promise!)

It was a stressful project which we kept putting off until it was crystal clear in our heads … until Preggy Week 35 when we started to panic and we decided we just had to get down and do it.  So here are a few steps we took to changing our Junk Room into M’s new room (a room that we realized was actually bigger and had more storage space than our own room!):

Step 1:

I have revealed my deepest, darkest secret — our Junk Room!! This was step 1: Choosing the room, making the measurements so we see what fits and deciding what to do with it (aside from getting rid of the junk).  Initially, my husband made drawings over the existing photos so we could imagine the possibilities.

Step 2:

We had to involve M in the whole process.  She had to be excited about the move so we would surf the net for room pegs and ideas.  After seeing a princess carriage bed in one of my accidental searches though, it got stuck in her head that she would have a giant princess carriage in her new room.  Our Jedi mind tricks succeeded and we got her to agree to certain things we liked instead.  The result of this collaboration and internet searching with her was a mood or peg board of what the room would look like. (Photos in the mood board from Etsy, Ikea and Pottery Barn)

Step 3:

The most major overhaul in the room was the desk where my husband used to work.  We decided to keep the shelves around it and convert the desk into a cabinet.  From the mood board, we decided on plain cabinet doors and use baskets to organize the items around it.  For this, I had to list down all the measurements, which i also kept in my bag so I would refer to them when I would see something I liked while shopping.

Step 4:

Paolo Abrera of Green Living TV, referred a good carpenter to us.  Paolo also gave good tips on reusing wood and using low VOC paint and we hardly smelled any paint even right after the surfaces were painted.  My husband, the instant contractor, did a planning day with the carpenter first to list down all the materials necessary.  M insisted on her door being yellow and she even wanted to paint it herself.

Step 5:

After all the woodwork, painting, junking and installing a new energy-saving airconditioner, we did a final clean up of the room as well all the items that would go into the room.  We re-used a lot of storage baskets but bought a few new ones as well.  M was very happy to help move in and organize her new cabinets, as well as mess them up in the process of moving in.

Finally, we had a liveable room (we never thought it was possible from the before photos) and M moved in without any hitches whatsoever.  We still need to put a nice wall decal by the bed, get a canopy and matching curtains and tidy up here and there but it’s 90% done and we’re proud of our little contractor-less project.

Here’s a photo of M’s final room with some of the things we used for storage and accessories:

1: Ikea Sun Light Cover bought from Ikea store on Kamias

2: M’s closet for dresses (Must get matching hangers)

3: M’s closet for other clothes, accessories and personal care items. Baskets from Saizen – P85 each.

4: Colored chairs and table from Two Tots.  Cabinet doors to cover closet space (formerly desk for iMac)

5: Plastic boxes for workbooks, art supplies, etc. labeled accordingly.

6: M’s accumulated toys over the years.  Those most played with near the bottom, where she can reach them.

7: Plastic colored woven baskets from Two Tots smooshed with stuffed toys (these are my favorite of the bunch – the Sandra Boynton farm animals)

8: Woven baskets lined with cloth from Greenhills and Tiendesitas.  All labels inspired by The Diplomatic Wife.  Wooden pegs given by 101 Grams of Eye Candy as part of the decor during my baby shower.

9: Care Bear phone charm which M hanged on her door.

Feel free to share your own nursery or kids’ room projects with me and I’ll feature it!


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31 Responses to Nesting Part 1: M’s Room Makeover

  1. Jenny says:

    wow!!! looks very nice!! am sure M will be very happy! i love the cabinet and that you can put in so many things! we need a similar one for N! her toys are strewn all over the floor and baskets now.

  2. Mom-Friday says:

    I want those baskets! :) we also have a large wall system for the kids’ and I’ve been putting off organizing their stuff for the longest time…IDOL ka talaga!!!

    can’t wait to see the nursery and the baby!

  3. ocmominmanila says:

    Aww, shucks. Which baskets? The colored or the wicker? Colored are from Two Tots but I also saw them being sold in the bazaars last year. Wicker (or whatever it is) are from Greenhills/ Tiendesitas. But their stocks are limited. I bought the last of those but hopefully they’ll have more soon. Super exacto sila sa hole!! The nursery is very plain. Haha. Poor 2nd baby!!

  4. Candy says:

    This is so good! I love the pictures, and how you converted the wall desk into a closet… With matching mapping out where things should go. I like the saizen basket idea too! Where is two tots? I hope they make the plastic baskets soon! I’d love some! Thanks for this post!

  5. ocmominmanila says:

    Thanks Candy! =) That mapping thing took quite some time and I had to list down everything M had to map it out. Now our ground floor is free from all her clutter! Sorry, I forgot to put the link to Two Tots. It’s there now. They have a showroom in P. Tamo Extension.

  6. mymommyology says:

    yay it’s done! nice! wall decal coming soon! :)

  7. Cai says:

    How come I can’t see the images? I wanna see too!

  8. Jen CC Tan says:

    hey, i can’t see the pics na! :( boo!

  9. ocmominmanila says:

    Cai, Jen Tan, I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened!! But I fixed it already. =)

    Jen, Yay, Can’t wait.

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  11. Jen CC Tan says:

    I am so amazed how you did this by yourselves! I realize how important mood boards are! I should make that a habit.

    I love how organized M’s room looks!

  12. eyecandy says:

    I can’t stop looking at it! There’s so much room for storage. I love the yellow door! Let’s do the decals na! Gaaame!

  13. ocmominmanila says:

    Jen Tan: We are amazed too! J is very proud. And I still feel it can look more organized … maybe because everything is exposed?

  14. ocmominmanila says:

    eyecandy: Thanks!! Yes, I love that there’s so much room! And the baskets on top are not even full. M loves her yellow door too. She always tells everyone about how she painted it. Let’s do a co-blog post on the decals =)

  15. Kris says:

    wow!!! if only I have at least a fourth of our creativity! i’ve been meaning to make the perfect nursery but I can’t seem to find where to start :) do you mind if i ask for your carpenter’s info? :)

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Hi Kris! Thanks for reading the blog =) It was very stressful to start on this project but panic and necessity gave birth to re-invention (Oh, you know what I mean. My attempt at wit has overshadowed clarity, haha). I’ll ask Paolo if he’s willing to share his carpenter as he’s working on something right now, I think. Maybe he should make this into a business! Haha.

  16. manilamommy says:

    Bravo Kris!!!! M’s room is such a great way to transition her to her new role as a more independent, older sister! Thanks so much for sharing! I got so many ideas for DW’s room din (actually pati room namin) when he takes over one of the rooms in our house (well my parents’ house haha). Ang galing!!! Peg ko na ito!

    • ocmominmanila says:

      Thanks! She actually sleeps there by herself now. If she wakes up at night, she goes to our room and just wakes me up to stay beside her until she falls asleep again. Hahaha.

      If we weren’t giving birth yet, we would have put off the makeover until M was probably 20!

  17. I love this, Kris! Wonderful job.

    Sigh. I feel so guilty. I feel I’ve procrastinated enough on Vito’s room: The last project I tackled was his crib and his Pottery Barn-inspired changing table and drawers. That was two years ago! The most I’ve done for his room is to buy matching toy boxes. I should really get going!

  18. ocmominmanila says:

    We procrastinated here too but it was really the coming birth that put the pressure on … so you should get pregnant again. Haha.

  19. Wowza! I’m so amazed and proud of you. What a wonderful project for little M!!! You are impressive as always in the thought and OC-ness!! Love. It.

    I must ask you though, what software did you use to do the cabinet design? Or are you secretly an ID?!? =P

  20. ocmominmanila says:

    That means so much coming from you, Martha S! I just used the Mac presentation app – Keynote but I did the measurements of the shapes/ lines to scale so the proportions are the same as the real thing.

  21. Huwaaaw! Galing! OMG hindi ko kaya yung scaling!! You really are the guru of OC. Btw thanks for the special mention sweety! I’m so happy to be of help in any way! Have you tried the Magic Plan app? Super cool – I’m sure you will love it!

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  25. Kathy says:

    Hi! Nice project, I’m nesting right now and can’t wait for our second one to come out. We’re planning to do some repairs to fix up the kids rooms, if you don’t mind can you please share where I can contact your carpenter? I really need to find a good one. Thanks

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