A Bacteria Billboard for Contagion

This is the grossest but one of the most creative billboard executions I’ve seen in a while.  I wouldn’t go too near that window if I were them.

I’ve got to see this movie.

(Thank you to my FB friend Tom Estrera for the link.)


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9 Responses to A Bacteria Billboard for Contagion

  1. mymommyology says:

    yikes!!! yan ang negative attention-getter!

  2. ocmominmanila says:

    isn’t it very cool?

    and yucky. really yucky. ugh. i’m cringing.

  3. Eeeww… But if you didn’t know what it really was, you’d be curious and have a close look, right?

  4. ocmominmanila says:

    hahaha true then when you realize what it is, you’ll run home and bathe in tea tree oil

  5. Rone says:

    Ewwww, that made me wanna hurl!!!!

  6. ocmominmanila says:

    It IS super gross!! But the marketer in me is amazed! Still grossed out, but amazed.

  7. Rone says:

    It is pretty cool. I bet the bacteria is harmless, they wouldn’t risk a lawsuit.

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