My Friend’s O.C. Husband

More often than not, the O.C. ones when it comes to parenting and the home are female.  However, lately we have heard about the dads being O.C. too like my brother in Vancouver and David Beckham.  And sometimes, they’re even more O.C. than the moms.

An example is my friend Angelique’s husband.  Here are some of his OC habits at home:

  • Cellphone chargers, flashlight, watches often used by hubby are hung on hooks
  • TV and electric fan wiring are bunched together with a cord
  • All the wires of cellphone chargers are bunched together with a cord (they obviously don’t like cords being unravelled)
  • He organizes drawers and closets by using plastic storage containers

Angelique’s husband is also O.C. about keeping things safe for their toddler daughter:

  • All drawers in the house most esp within reach of their daughter have stoppers
  • Unused sockets are plugged with stoppers to avoid little fingers from going in

What is your husband/ partner O.C. about?

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9 Responses to My Friend’s O.C. Husband

  1. jencc says:

    he’s not! can i send him to you for training?

  2. mymommyology says:

    Are we posting about husbands in light of Father’s Day? :)
    – Mine is OC about cleaning. I think that’s one good thing that came out of coming here. Talo na niya ako maglinis ng banyo. At ng kitchen.
    – He’s also OC about child-proofing the house. Basically inuntog-untog niya ulo niya sa mga corner to see if it would be painful, and where it would hurt that’s where he put the stoppers the cushions, etc.
    – He’s OC about his PS3 NBA 2k11 game. It always has to be in its case.

  3. My dad is OC about cleaning EVERYTHING, and when i say everything i mean when i go round his house he won’t sit down to talk to me, he will be elsewhere cleaning or cooking and doing the most bizarre things. such as hoovering whilst i am trying to talk to my step-mum.

  4. mina ang says:

    i dont think angelique’s husband is o.c. i just think he is careful especially there is a child at home. isnt it nice to know that for once husbands also involves themselves in the welfare of the home?

    • Thanks Mina for dropping by =) I guess the label is used loosely (not very OC eh?) to categorize people who are more organized or more careful than normal. And yes, it’s nice to have very involved husbands in home life. =) The world has changed a lot since the time of our parents.

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