DwellStudio Draw It, Color It, Win It Contest

My daughter loves stamps.  And there’s really something about wood that makes a “toy” feel very  timeless.  DwellStudio is one of the companies that offers great wooden stamps for kids (well, maybe adults too) and they’re having a contest to give these away!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Parents of kids between the ages of 2-6 years can send their child’s best drawing to promo@quirksmarketingph.co.  One entry per kid only.

2. Entry Period: June 20-26, 2011.  (Make sure you send your child’s entry within the ENTRY PERIOD, not earlier or later.)

3. On June 28, DwellStudio will post all drawings received for voting on the Quirks Marketing Facebook page.

4. Voting Period: June 28-July 12, 2011

5. The 3 drawings that receive the most number of “LIKES” win.

The Prizes:

First Prize: DwellStudio Stamp Set (includes 6-7 stamps, 2 stamp pads, and colored pencils)

Second and Third Prize: Consolation prizes of DwellStudio items

So get your child to start drawing and get your family and friends to start liking (they can only vote if they Like the Quirks Marketing Facebook page first) … if you can top my daughter’s drawing, that is (haha, competitive stage mother!!).  I’m sorry.  I just really want those stamp sets.  Don’t you just love the wooden boxes those stamps come in?!

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6 Responses to DwellStudio Draw It, Color It, Win It Contest

  1. Om in Mom says:

    Those are beautiful stamp sets! Philippines only, right? Pout pout pout…

  2. OMG I wish I could join! LOL. I love stamps. And I’ve some gold and silver ink that I have yet to put to good use! Good luck!

  3. mymommyology says:

    Send us the link for M’s drawing so we can like it! :)
    We will win the stamps! We will win the stamps! (Siyempre supporting the comptetitive nature diba).

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