14 Responses to O.C. About Living Green

  1. Om in Mom says:

    The TV programme looks great. And I completely agree with you take on green living – “everything is connected”. It makes total sense. BTW, I am having a little break from my blog to re-charge as well. Blogging can feel a little full on sometimes, eh?

  2. I totally wish we could do without bottle water here in Jakarta. It’s weird that such a rich country that can build these crazy malls and great roads cannot seem to clean up their water system! I admire you will to be more green and in my own little ways I try too! In your townhouse?!? How cool is that??

  3. may says:

    Just watched the show.. a nice and timely concept. Congratulations! Looking forward to next week’s episode. Slightly off-topic, and I hope you don’t mind, where did you buy your bike rack? We have two bikes which we haven’t quite found a place for at home as yet :)

  4. mymommyology says:

    i know where that was shot!!!!

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  7. Klaren says:

    Hi MominManila.

    I agree ditch the BPA laden bottle, actually if you can ditch any bottles with plastic.
    Plastic in our drinking water, or streams is not good either.
    I don’t use shampoo or liquid soap anymore I switched to handsoap and shampoo bars, no more plastic. Keep up the good work with getting the green out to the people with your tv shows! Thanks.


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