5 Responses to OC Mom Recommends: Vapor Soove

  1. Om in Mom says:

    Gotta love a freebie! Looks like good stuff. In the UK we have something similar, called Snuffle Babe. I tried it on my eldest’s feet when he had a particularly bad cough. Amazingly it stopped the cough in its tracks.

  2. Awesome thanks for the tip! Making a mental note for when I have kid/s! =)

  3. sam says:

    I’m going to keep this in our travel kit when we go on vacay next week. Hopefully, we won’t need it, but it’s still good to to have it with us in case the kiddos get sick. *knocks on wood*

  4. Good thing I checked your site today! Y has a bad cough :( Can I use this on my 7 month old baby? Thanks!

    • Hi applesanddumplings. Thanks for dropping by =) It says it’s safe for babies 6 months up but if it were me, I would prefer to be on the safe side. I would just put on the baby’s clothes on the chest part so it doesn’t come into contact with his skin and hopefully, it will help him/ her breathe better. Hope Y gets better!

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