My Wedding Gift To Prince William (and Kate): Tips On Avoiding Further Hair Loss

Dear Prince William,

Photo c/o DailyMail UK

Congratulations on your wedding!  Today, everyone either has royal wedding mania or royal wedding hate.  As it is, a wedding is difficult enough but to have everyone sticking their noses in your business is probably adding to the stress.  I hope I can be blunt (another person sticking her nose in your business isn’t a big deal anyway right? Plus it’s not really about the wedding) but I think the stress is taking its toll on you and your hair.

I, myself, have experienced hair fall in my life, mostly after major hair overhauls – a perm (big big mistake! I don’t suggest you do this ever!), relax, rebond, what have you. It was horrifying to get clumps of hair in my hands or see hair clogging the drain.  However, it is normal to lose hair, even up to 100 strands a day.  Major and early hair loss is another matter though and may require a consultation with a doctor or dermatologist (uhm, do you know anyone?).

I know you and Kate like to go to the beach and outdoors often.  Summer is a particularly harsh time for hair and damage is inevitable if you don’t take precautions.  Below are some of my tips to you and to all of your royal subjects for summer, to help avoid further hair loss (or even gain back some of the patches of hair you’ve already lost).

William and Kate On Vacation c/o DailyMail UK

Outdoor Tips

Photo c/o Huffington Post; AP Photo/Steve Parsons, pool

  • Follow Kate’s lead and protect your hair from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat, with feathers or without (I have sometimes worn a hat in the pool or beach.  Although my husband wanted to disown me at those moments, I did not care.  2 words: Sun Damage!).
  • “You apply sun protection to your skin, but often the hair is forgotten.”  Dermadoctor  recommends that you “protect your hair daily from damaging rays sun with a sun protective spray/lotion. Newly exposed skin of the scalp is extremely vulnerable to sunburn.”

Swimming Tips

  • I know you were the captain of the swim team back in school.  Did you know back then that swimming pools can damage your hair?  Hair Loss Expert UK (I chose to reference a UK site to make it more relevant to you, dear Prince) says,  “Swimming pools must maintain high levels of certain chemicals, especially chlorine, in order to keep the water virus and bacteria free. Unfortunately these same high levels of chlorine that keep your body safe can play havoc with your hair. The oxidizing agents in chlorine cause it to strip your hair of moisture, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage and split ends.”

    William circa 2004 in Speedos. Photo c/o

  • Dermadoctor says “Chlorine can be extremely drying to the hair. If you swim in chlorinated water, it is important to make sure your hair has as little chlorine exposure as possible.”
  • Hair Loss Expert UK and DermaDoctor have similar tips, which I want to share with you:
  • Before swimming, wet your hair thoroughly with non-chlorinated water.  This way your hair will be too saturated to absorb any more chlorine in the water.
  • Exit the pool every thirty minutes or so and rinse your hair with clean, non-chlorinated water.
  • My hair technician in Essensuals Mega Mall (If you visit Manila, get your haircut from Cherry Reyes.  She cuts the president’s hair and his is thinning too.  Mega Mall is also one of those must-go places for foreigner shopping.) advised me to always comb my hair with a thin layer of leave-on conditioner or oil before swimming (I don’t do this for the beach because I’m not sure how environmental that will be).  This will help repel any chemicals in the water.
  • Wear a swimming cap (Not very flattering for pool photos though but I’m sure the paparazzi would love to catch you in one.  Haha).
  • Immediately after swimming rinse your hair with warm, non-chlorinated water for three to five minutes. (Aquasana Shower Filters remove chlorine and other harsh chemicals from tap water that can leave your hair dry.)  Next, wash it thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. Towel your hair until it is just damp and then use a wide toothed comb to distribute a leave-in conditioner throughout your hair.

Every time you shower, you actually expose yourself to chlorine and other harsh chemicals which can damage your hair.  Yes, these are present in tap water (even in Buckingham Palace.  Are you staying there after the wedding by the way?).  But if you use a shower filter, you can filter these out and salvage your crowning glory (that saying has actual relevance to you, doesn’t it?).  My brother-in-law’s barber has told him that his hair is getting thicker, and the only thing he’s changed in his lifestyle is the Aquasana Shower Filter.  The barber knows these things right?  I’m sure your barber has been trying to help you with your hair also.

So Prince William, maybe there is still hope.  Why don’t you try it out?  As an added gift. I’ll give you 50% off on the Aquasana Shower Filter if you buy today (or even over the weekend as I’m sure you’ll be busy today).  You’ll have to pay for shipping, customs and duties though.  Please go to or send me an email at

Again, congratulations on your wedding and I do hope you get good photo and video angles later.


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8 Responses to My Wedding Gift To Prince William (and Kate): Tips On Avoiding Further Hair Loss

  1. mymommyology says:

    hahahaaa. ano ba! crush ko si prince william since forever!

  2. Dude champioin ka talaga!!! Hahaha! You should post the link in the clarence house FB page! You never know. He gets his hotness back every time he wears a hat because I can pretend he has hair again. IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. And poor Prince Harry is starting to go bald as well! Waaaaah! He is gonna lose his hotness as well! =(

    • Naku, baka ipadala dito yung Scotland Yard! Harry is actually much cuter now because he has way more hair – still needs a good hair stylist though =) Mahal ba ang hair stylist sa London???

  3. Jen CC Tan says:

    PANALO KA!!!!!

    i love the post, tawa ako nang tawa. i can almost hear you talking to him, i’m imagining you guys in my head, si will, listening, tapos ikaw talking. wahahahahahaha!

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