Why I Stopped Drinking Bottled Water (and a Side Story on Japan’s Clean Water)

After starting Aquasana in the Philippines, I have started to notice water quality wherever we travel.  To me, the cleanest water for bathing and drinking used to be Vancouver but that changed after our Japan visit.  Japan’s water was clean-smelling, clean-tasting (yes, I have begun to notice the smell and taste of chlorine and lead already), and had a clean smooth feel (not gritty, hard and stingy).  I don’t know exactly how they treat water to do this but they do say their water is potable.

Faucet in our first hotel in Osaka and the sign above it: "Good For Drinking"

Although they did say the water is potable, I still believe there are some chemicals in there so we still used our portable Aquasana sports bottle to filter our water.  We did not buy bottled water once during our 10-day trip and we didn’t get sick at all.

However, with the threats of radiation because of the Fukushima plant, I would not know how this would affect the water conditions.  But if their water is contaminated, then bottled water products are similarly at risk, because most bottled water comes from the same water sources as tap water.  I do still trust their government to do what is best for their people.

I stopped drinking bottled water from the time I started researching because of Aquasana.  I realized there may be something in bottled water that may be harmful, particularly the plastic.  An American customer of our Aquasana Drinking Filter also recommended a documentary to me.  The documentary is called “Tapped” where the producers carefully researched how bottled water is manufactured (and how it affects the planet and the people), where it comes from and generally, things we didn’t realize about this 21st century revolutionary consumer product.

Watch the trailer here and I guarantee it will open your eyes to a lot of new things about the water you drink.  You can also buy the DVD for the full-length documentary from their site.


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12 Responses to Why I Stopped Drinking Bottled Water (and a Side Story on Japan’s Clean Water)

  1. Hi OCmom! I actually read the same things about bottled water in the book DRINK THIS NOT THAT (of Eat this not that fame) and agree that there is something harmful about bottled water especially when it is exposed to extreme temperatures. I never leave waterbottles in the car and if I do, we immediately dispose of it! Anyway sadly here in Jakarta the water is sooo bad that there is not choice but to buy bottled water. Perhaps you can one day visit Jakarta and experience it for yourself. It is unbelievable. The smell of rust and the big chunks of metal that come through our tap! I don’t know if even Aquasana can treat it for drinking! =(

    • Hmmm, technical weirdness. How come WordPress didn’t alert me on email you had a comment?

      Anyway, I must get that book! Thanks!

      Ugh, rust and metal coming out?? I’ll ask the U.S. manufacturer what can be done with that but “chunks” doesn’t sound good. That will clog the filter immediately.

  2. mymommyology says:

    Okay we need Aquasana portable sports bottles! Is it really that heavy to send? hahaha.

    • Unfortunately, they have discontinued the sports bottle filters and are working on new SKUs. But you can still order the drinking filter using the banner link from Aquasanastore.com.ph and the US site will give you 20% off.

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  7. Good for you Kris. I always try to not buy bottled water but sometimes I fail, boohoo. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to watch Tapped after I saw the trailer a few months back. And Aquasana sounds really good…we have Brita though, at least it’s still DIY filter your own water pa rin :)

    • Well, I buy it too when I have no choice — like in a Cebu Pacific flight. But we hardly do it nowadays. And after you haven’t had bottled water for a while, when you drink it, it tastes awful. So I actually prefer the distilled brands because they have no icky taste. They say regular drinking of distilled is not good either because it has no minerals so your body gets minerals from other parts of your body – like hair, teeth, etc. Another post soon! And yes, DIY filtration is always better than commercial bottled water. =)

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