The Winners! World Water Day – OCMominManila Blog Giveaway

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We had 39 entries from 15 entrants, where 8 entrants had multiple entries (which is allowed and encouraged per OC rules).  Like I mentioned in my previous post, my criteria for choosing the 5 winners of the Aquasana reusable glass bottles (aside from the mechanics) are:

– Those who gave the most tips

– Those who gave tips I have not yet done and will apply in my own home

(It’s a balance of quantity and quality!)

I would just like to get your trust and believe I am a fair person.  So we chose these winners based on the tips, even if I knew some of the people who gave them.  My Business Manager made her own choices without knowing whom I knew and she came up with matching choices.

So the 5 winning tips and their entrants:

1. First entrant Jenny Ong from and her tips on saving water and her advocacy, breastfeeding:

Plan your day! – Thaw frozen breastmilk in the refrigerator overnight, instead of thawing it in a cup of warm water or under running water.

(Although Jenny only gave 1 entry, it was very unique and this is also an advocacy I support.)

2. Katcho Giron-Go who submitted the most number of entries – 10!

I put a bottle filled with water or sand inside the toilet tank, so that less water is used in flushing the toilet.

(I love this tip!  I don’t know why I’ve never heard of it before!  I will implement this ASAP.)

3. Frances Reyes Bernardo with 5 tips!

Designate one glass for your drinking water each day (I leave mine covered in the ref) or refill a water bottle.  This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.

(Having a designated bottle will also help you monitor your water intake for the day.)

I also like:

When rinsing rice for the “sinaing”, save the water from the first few washes to water the plants. It serves as good fertilizer. Then, use the water from the last rinse when cooking sinigang, nilaga, aroscaldo or the likes. This adds not only nutrients to your dish but flavor as well.

(This made me hungry.)

4. CJ Domingo-Roque with 4 tips!

I also recycle water we use for washing fruits and vegetables by putting a bowl under the tap while washing them. Then I use that same water for filling up vases with fresh flowers or for some of the potted plants.

(I like CJ’s tips because they always involve saving water and giving it to another life form – like plants and pets.  Thankfully, not her son.)

5. Aien Calingasan Hermano

Adjust the pressure of water going up the faucet by turning the knob under the sink. Less pressure, less wasted water.

(Such a simple tip but it goes a long way!)

This combined with #2 Katcho Giron-Go’s tip

Use aerators. They are cheap & easy to install.

And a special award to new blogger OminMom, who gave so many tips, even though she is not qualified as she lives in Madrid.  My favorite tip of hers:

In hot climates, plants and gardens should always be watered at night. In the daytime the water evaporates and the plants burn in the sunshine (due to the droplets acting as mini magnifying glasses).

All 5 winners win Aquasana reusable glass bottles and OminMom, you get a virtual hug!  Congratulations and thank you for being a part of OCMOMinManila’s and AquasanaStore‘s first celebration of World Water Day!  Email me your delivery address at so we can send your Aquasana bottle.

Oh, wait, were you waiting for the winner of the Aquasana Shower Filter?  Heehee.  I will hold you 5 in suspense, make my daughter raffle off the winner later and announce the winner tomorrow morning.  Think positive thoughts!

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  1. fabnaima says:

    hooray!!!i won!! thank you OCMom 😀 crossing my fingers for that shower filter! 😉

  2. Om in Mom says:

    Yay!!! I love my special award!! Virtual hugs coming right back at you, OC Mom! <3

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