OC Mom in Manila Blog Contest: World Water Day

Happy World Water Day people!  (OK, I’m a day late.) Happy World Water Week people!

To quote unwater.org, International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Water education has been one of my passions (nerd!) and advocacies since I discovered Aquasana in 2009.  There is so much we don’t know about water but we rely on it so much to sustain our lives.

So to celebrate World Water Day 2011, OC Mom in Manila (that’s me!) is launching its first blog giveaway in cooperation with Aquasana Store Philippines (that’s my business!).

The Prizes:

– 5 Aquasana Reusable Glass Bottles

– 1 Aquasana Shower Filter

How Do You Join?

1. Like Aquasana Store on Facebook.

2. Look for the wall post “OC Mom in Manila Blog Contest: World Water Day”

3. On that thread leave your TIP/S ON HOW TO SAVE WATER.  (Please leave it on that thread only so you don’t mess up the wall.  I do call myself OC, you see, so being disorganized won’t help.  heehee)

4. Hey, if you share the link on your own wall, I’ll give you something extra if you win.

On March 30, Wednesday, we will choose 5 winning tips and from the 5 chosen winners, we will raffle off the winner of the Aquasana Shower Filter.  Enter as many tips as you want!

It’s that easy!  Good luck!

(Promo only valid for Philippine residents)

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0 Responses to OC Mom in Manila Blog Contest: World Water Day

  1. mymommyology says:

    i cant find Aquasana Store!

  2. sam says:

    Happy World Water Day! 😀

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    • CJ Roque says:

      We have a drum (with cover) that we put under the gutter drain and save the rain water for watering the plants. Just don’t use it for car washing though! 😉

      • Sa Facebook page of Aquasana Store dapat mag-answer, CJ =)

        Question though while we’re on the topic — Why can’t you wash your car with rain water, btw? acid rain? And if it’s not safe for the car, is it safe for the plants and the ground which goes back to our drinking water anyway?

      • CJ Roque says:

        yeah coz rain water leaves marks on the car paint. as far as using the rain water to water your plants for another day – i don’t suppose its any harmful. the way i see it, nature already did that and your plants are still well, right? so whatever has seeped into the ground, would’ve, even without the recycled rain water.

        • well, tama ka nga don. you can’t do anything about the rain going on the plants. I never knew rain water leaved stains on the paint though. So you shouldn’t let rain water dry on your car?

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  5. CJ Roque says:

    BTW – since I live in BF and had to survive without running water for sooooo long (we have water delivered by the truck loads every 3 days or so), i have so many tips! We now have Maynilad, THANK GOD!

    • I can’t people in Pque hav lived this long without running water. It’s a basic necessity plus you live in the Metro! We’ve installed some filters in the BF area though and some houses still have very low water pressure so they need to activate the pump in order to have water flow properly through the filters.

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  7. Louisa says:

    Ok, this is a subject close to my heart. Alejandro and I are big water babies. Here are a few of our favourite tips and things we do around the house to save H2O.

    1) Our shower takes ages to get hot, so we’d waste a lot of cold water at the beginning of each shower. Instead, we have a bucket/bowl in the bath/shower and use to water the plants/soak clothes etc.

    3) Close the stop cock valve a little. Use trial and error to find the optimum level of pressure to ensure everything works properly, showers etc. This also helps prolong the life of your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc. if your water has high pressure (more than 2.5 kg/cm2).

    3) Fill a 2L empty coke bottle up with water and put it into the cistern of your WC. 2L less water is used every time you flush, without causing water pressure or flush quality control issues (the latter being especially important for OC Mom!)

    4) Put aerators in all taps. These mix the water with air and save 50% on your water consumption.

    5) In hot climates, plants and gardens should always be watered at night. In the daytime the water evaporates and the plants burn in the sunshine (due to the droplets acting as mini magnifying glasses).

    • #1 Like

      #2 What is a stop cock valve??? You know I’ve been meaning to check our water pressure because it’s very high!!

      #3 I love this tip! Our house was made about 13 years ago and the toilet bowls are the older type which I feel really waste a lot of water. And yes, quality control issues are impt!

      #4 aerators — must buy!

      #5 Love this! No wonder my mom always waters her huge garden at night. She also waters it in the morning too though!!

  8. Louisa says:

    Ok, I think I posted in the wrong place! Thought there weren’t many contenders!! I shall now try on the wall…

    • Hahaha, I’m super grateful you posted though. I love your tips! I will just send you a virtual glass bottle though because only Philippine residents are allowed to enter =(

      • Louisa says:

        Haha. Glad you liked our tips! Loving the virtual glass bottle! (Surprise, surprise – I didn’t read the T&C!) The stop-cock valve probably has other names in non-British English. (“La llave general” or “la llave de paso” in Spanish). It’s the valve that shuts off the water supply to your whole house.

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  11. Chris says:

    i joined your contest.. did all the requirements too.. :)

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