My O.C. Mommyologist Friend’s Plastic Piles

This friend is one of the most O.C. moms I know (way more O.C. than I am).  She moved to Chapel Hill in North Carolina a few years back for her husband’s MBA, gave birth to 1 daughter in 2008 and is having another one in March.  She, too, owns an Aquasana Shower Filter (am I biased about featuring Aquasana Shower Filter owners?  Or, by owning an Aquasana Shower Filter, it shows you are really OC!  Hahaha) and calls it The Miracle Shower Filter for helping with her pregnancy eczema.

She shared with me one of her O.C. ways of helping preserve the environment by using, re-using and recycling plastic bags as best as she can.

Here are her plastic rules, in her own words:

PLASTICS are used for travel, to line trash cans and for grocery / shopping trips.

First though, can I just say that for grocery and shopping trips, I try to make everything fit into our recyclable shopping bags which as much as possible we bring each time.  I also have a shopping bag and some random plastic bags that I leave in the car for unexpected shopping trips, so that when I pay for my purchase I don’t need to get a new plastic bag.

I’ve arranged the plastic bags in the house accordingly: (Zoom in to the photo to see her labels more closely)

1.  All plastic bags are folded in triangular fashion, something I learned from my mother-in-law.  Fold the plastic lengthwise, and when you have about an inch left, then you start “rolling” it upwards in triangular fashion.  Tuck in the loose end at the top.  You’ll also be able to gauge from this basically the size of your plastic bag.

2.  All brown plastic bags are used for the following:
a.  Extra groceries that won’t fit in the reusable bags;
b.  Bathroom and Baby trash cans in the rooms (Kitchen Trash has a separate odor-block bag).

3.  Wal-Mart / Target / BuyBuyBaby and Gymboree bags are brought during planned shopping trips to the respective places.  Obviously, we go to these places a lot.

4.  “Others” are plastic bags that are also about the size of the brown bags but come from miscellaneous stores.  Once we run out of the brown ones, then they become trash bag substitutes or extra grocery bag substitutes.

5.  Small Plastics are the ones that won’t fit into any trash can, but can still be used to store dirty socks and underwear while traveling, for instance.  Or I put them in the diaper bags so that in case we have a dirty nappie on the road, then I can still seal it and not leave an embarrassing stench in a public bathroom.

6.  Large Plastics are the ones re-used when traveling, for dirty laundry, or storing big things around the house (ie extra bath towels).

7.  Gap bags are shopping bags.

8.  Cheesecake Factory bags are for take-home food items.

All these plastics are also stored neatly in one kitchen drawer dedicated to plastic bags.  Paper bags are stored separately and have different purposes as well.  This makes it easy to find and when you pull one out, then you don’t disrupt / destroy the order of the other bags around it.

I suppose the best way to cut down on excess plastic bags in your home would be to really plan your trips carefully; but as we know sometimes plans don’t materialize as planned.  So this is one way to minimize the unnecessary accumulation of non-biodegrable bags in your home.

I make sure we recycle our plastic bags too but I don’t separate them by brand!  But this does make sense because the brand is a good guide on the plastic/ paper bag quality.  So you see, she is truly O.C.

Thanks to my O.C. Mommyologist friend for sharing!  Read her blog at for more mommy learnings.


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  1. sam says:

    So happy to read this post. I absolutely agree that planning is the key to reducing the use of plastic bags! Go, Mommyology! :)

  2. mymommyology says:

    PS – I am not more OC than you! is that even possible? hahaha.

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  4. CherWriter says:

    Nice post! If only tougher laws would be implemented in Metro Manila at least for the discontinued use of plastic bags like in Muntinlupa market, the easier it would be to preserve the environment for the next generation.

    (news article link:

    • Hi Cher. Thanks fo your comment. Are you Sam’s friend?

      I just realized it IS possible to discontinue plastic use when I visited HK last year (after 10 years) and the stores (Muji, Uniqlo, even 7-11) were asking for 50cents for each bag you get. You would really remember to bring your reusable bag if you had to pay for it.

  5. CherWriter says:

    May I put a link to this post on my blog ( once I finish the entry?

    Many thanks!

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