My O.C. International Author Friend Samantha Sotto

I’ll be featuring a few of my favorite O.C. mom friends here (and expose their O.C. habits, hehe).  The first one is my friend Samantha Sotto, mom to 2, a former colleague in marketing and now, an international fiction writer (but more on that below)!

Sam IS super O.C. about a lot of things – her son’s Grade 2 homework, disinfecting their home, grammar, etc.  She is one of the first few who bought our Aquasana shower filter because she also has this super O.C. skin regimen.  She is also a self-confessed bag neat freak.   Here is a photo of her tote bag.

1. Tod’s tote (I remember this bag from our trip to NY, Sam!).  Only someone O.C. can keep a light-colored bag this clean!

2.Tote contents:

– An Author’s Gadgets: MacBook Air 11″, Kindle (she prefes her kindle over her iPad), Nokia Smart phone, Sony digital cam (for blog photos?), Small notebook for “pretty words and random notes”, Big notebook for story lines, pens

– Pain Relief: (Like me, she is migraine girl) Tylenol, and if that doesn’t work, Excedrin migraine (the best!) and she has this small tin of herbal pain relief balm also (talk about a druggie!)

– O.C. (and partly kikay) essentials: Neutrogena Skin Light Sunblock, Oversized tortoise-shell Ray-Bans (UV is bad for eyes), Holy Seat toilet sanitizer (for her kids), lip balm, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, bag hanger to prevent you from putting your bag on the floor (cringe)

3. Her full but still neat bag organizer

I reconnected with Sam last November 2009 when we were coincidentally in NY at the same time.  My husband and I were there for business and a vacation.  She and her husband were there for a vacation and some meetings with her agent (very Jerry Maguire!) and potential publishers.  Soon after that trip, she signed on with Crown/ Random House.   In August this year, her book Before Ever After will already be launched in the U.S.  It’s actually listed in Amazon for pre-order already!  I still cannot believe I have a friend who will be published internationally!  I have grand dreams of her book turning into a movie someday and seeing her walk the red carpet like J.K Rowling.

Hopefully, Filipinos all over will help support the book and make it a NY bestseller immediately.  I’ve had the great privilege to read a few paragraphs of the preview and I honestly wish I hadn’t.  I feel so frustrated because I want to know what happens next!  It’s that gripping!  Well, while waiting for August to come rolling around, check out Sam’s blog The Slight Detour because she “leaks out” a few allowed bits and pieces of the book and its characters.


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0 Responses to My O.C. International Author Friend Samantha Sotto

  1. mymommyology says:

    Of course I will buy the book! :) I’m excited to read while I am trapped underneath two sleeping children. Congratulations!
    Wala pang picture yung book sa Amazon!

  2. mymommyology says:

    PS I like the bag. pwede ba sa akin yan?! hahaha.

  3. eyecandy says:

    So excited about the book!..and I love the Tod’s bag!

    Can I share this post? :)

  4. Tanya says:

    I am starting to feel a little insecure and may not send you any pictures any more. Hahaha!

  5. sam says:

    Thanks for the book and bag (haha!) love, fellow OC Mom fans! :)
    (And OCMom, i think it’s 4,999 to go. LOL)

  6. Scrollwork says:

    More power to Sam! Hello, OCMom, from an O.C. granny in California! Looking around my house and purse, you would never be able to out me as OC. The only clue would be the ubiquitous purse-size dispensers of apple-scented hand sanitizer in the car, the purse, the desk drawer, the dance studio…When my decidedly opposite-of-OC (OOOC?) husband gave me a set of giant, multi-scented hand sanitizers as part of my Christmas present, it felt like that moment in Leaving Las Vegas when Nicolas Cage, whose character is an alcoholic, unwraps a gift from Elizabeth Shue, and seeing that it’s a flask, says with sheer gratitude, “I’m with the right girl.”

    • Hi Scrollwork/ O.C. granny! I feel like I know you already because I always bump into you in the comments section of Sam’s blog =)

      That husband of yours is a keeper!

      My husband gave me a Swiffer before a few months after moving into the house. Haha.

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