How To: Pack Away the Christmas Tree Decor

The week after the New Year is the time we say goodbye to the Christmas decor.  Like I posted before, we don’t have much decor but it’s still an ordeal to pack away.  To make it easy to decorate next Christmas, it’s very important to organize the decor properly in storage.  (Planning 1 year ahead is always good!) Here are a few tips from me and my good friend Martha (Stewart) on packing away the Christmas tree decor.

  • Take ornaments down one by one.  These ornaments can be dusty so wipe each one carefully with a dry cloth or better, run the vacuum cleaner over each ornament.  (I have a wonderful vacuum cleaner which I will post about in the future.)
  • If your decor has categories like ours, start separating into categories.  (You can also categorize by color, by type, by tree level location.)
  • After wiping or dusting, put each ornament in an individual container.  I used the Aquasana bottle cartons from our store.  You can also use egg cartons or plastic cups as suggested by Martha.

Separate decor into categories and put in individual containers.

  • For ornaments that are fragile, it is best to wrap them individually in tissue paper to keep them safe.  (Recycle tissue paper from the gifts you received.)

Wrap fragile ornaments individually in recycled tissue paper.

  • Label the ornaments for easy identification.  (You can’t possibly remember what’s in it after a year.)

Pack the ornaments and label. I used the retro Dymo to label this.

  • For Christmas lights, Martha suggests you get a carton, put little slits and wrap the lights around it.  I recycled Aquasana cartons again.

  • Keep everything in a covered plastic container in your storage room.  Remember to properly label the box “Christmas Tree Decor”.  (I don’t have a photo because my over-eager helper at home packed it and stored it in the overhead garage cabinet before I could shoot it.)
  • For the Christmas tree (which is plastic): we vacuum, wash and brush with soap and water, and let dry in the sun before packing away.

It’s tempting to just put everything in a box since you’ll open everything anyway come Christmas-decorating time but it’s just so much fun to organize (right?) and it’s so much easier to decorate each level of the tree the next time around.  When we find some Christmas decor we like in the middle of the year, it will also be easy to find the category it should go with.

Happy post-holiday packing!

[Photos taken with iPhone 4.  NOTE TO SELF: iPhone 4 doesn’t take very good pictures unless lighting is bright.]


P.S. I’m interested to find out how you do your general cleaning (who else would take such avid interest in this aspect of your life right?).  Email me your tips and photos at

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0 Responses to How To: Pack Away the Christmas Tree Decor

  1. mymommyology says:

    Wash the tree and let it dry in the sun? Hmmm. I will skip that because of the cold weather. If I leave it out, then it might just freeze over!

  2. Rosz of jeanandrosz says:

    hi i noticed the dymo! any other label maker you can suggest? I need to start being oc. Thanks!

    • My friends like the brother digital label-maker in national. There are dymo digital label-makers. I haven’t had much experience with digital because the dymo is more interesting with M’s toys and the Christmas decor. Also, because I was (am) cheap, I would just print labels on stickers pero medyo hassle siya. For professional stuff though, the Brother may be better. I’ll ask some more of my O.C. friends for you.

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