ManilaFashionObserver Xmas Giveaway

I’ve been following a few Filipina bloggers in the last 3 years and one of my favorites is Christine Dychiao of ManilaFashionObserver – maybe because of her posts on NY or on her daughter Berry or on new and pretty stuff that comes out in Manila or internationally (We don’t buy newspapers at home anymore. FB, Twitter and Bloggers are our news and lifestyle sources).

MFO Runs Christmas Giveaway

MFO is also an OC mom (will interview her for this blog soon!) and she’s running a Christmas promo on her blog for!  Get a chance to win one of two Aquasana shower filters she’s giving away.  Learn more by going to her blog. Thank you Tin!

If you have doubts on why you should use shower filters, feel free to leave your questions in the comments section here and I or the U.S. customer service guys (I’m not a water expert YET) will be glad to answer them.

Happy last-weekend-before-Christmas-panic-shopping guys!


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  1. Piluchi says:

    Hi Kris!!! Blog hopped because I knew it was you!

  2. Tanya says:

    Exciting! Now if only the others would come on board.

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