There’s Something in the Bath Water

Aquasana Shower Filter

I discovered Aquasana when I visited my brother in Vancouver (the land of the free and the O.C.) in August 2009.  In just a few days at his house, I felt that my hair became softer and my pores became smaller (Honestly, I noticed).  I thought it was because of the Canadian air but my SIL said it was because of their shower filter.  She explained that it filters out chlorine and heavy metals from the tap water, which can cause your hair and skin to dry. Honestly, (like a High School boy in a soiree) it was the beauty aspect that reeled me in at first but as I researched about the product (yes, I am a nerd), I found out that it went beyond the superficial.

In my research, I came across the Children’s Environmental Health Project by CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) where 2 things struck me:

  1. Exposure [to substances] may occur via bathing, showering or immersion in contaminated natural swimming water and, therefore, through direct skin absorption. (You can absorb the water you bathe in??)
  2. A baby’s skin is thinner and more permeable than an adult’s is, and is more susceptible to damage from environmental agents.  (What the heck?  I had already exposed my DD for the past 2 years!)

Bath Time for DD @ 15 months

This was when I knew we couldn’t live without this contraption in Manila, especially for my DD.  I’m pretty sure you’ve seen how our tap water in Manila can get really dirty (sometimes when I turn on the water, it comes out brown!), particularly after a rainstorm or even during dry spells, maybe because the silt and sediments at the bottom of the dams get dredged up (wouldn’t it be great if the dams were self-cleaning?).  I’ve actually met some major O.C. moms out there who use mineral, distilled, ionized water to bathe their kids, especially those with skin asthma (I thought I was O.C. but I don’t know why I never thought of this before!).

I looked for a similar product in the Philippines but I could only find those cheap carbon filters worth Php88 from Saizen or True Value and I didn’t trust them (hello, they looked like peppercorn in old stockings).  I resolved to make Aquasana my new business project and in August 2010, I gave birth to my newest baby, the ultimate O.C. business, AquasanaStore Philippines.  It took a year because I wanted to do more research on the best brands (a perfect excuse to travel), meet the U.S. manufacturers and also test the products myself to see how it worked with the water in Manila (yes, I would do water experiments in our bathroom and kitchen and our helpers would think I was weird).

Before installing our shower filter, I would blame the weather, sick classmates, kissing relatives when my DD would get sick but after all that research, I now think that maybe it’s something else too.  Maybe it’s something we’re exposed to everyday and we just take it for granted.  Maybe there is some truth in the saying that “there IS something in the water”.  Business agenda aside, I think this product is amazing and can help many moms and kids out there.  I cannot say for sure that there is a direct correlation but it’s been a year since my DD has had a sick visit to her pedia.  She’s had a couple of sniffles but that’s it.

And if you still don’t believe me, you can ask Oprah’s doctor friend (the U.S. manufacturers have sworn that this wasn’t a paid segment):


SHAMELESS PLUG: You can ONLY buy Aquasana Drinking, Shower and Whole House Filters online at  As part of our referral program, you must have a referral code when you register.  Please use OCMominManila if you do not have one yet.

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  9. Lalaine says:

    Hi i really want to try the aquasana shower filter. The thing is we don’t have a shower system installed in our bathroom (we’re just renting an apartment). Can i still use the filter and connect it to a faucet instead?

    • Thanks Lalaine. I’m sorry to reply just now. I’ve been on vacation. I’ve seen the email exchanges between you and Jorica, the Aquasana Business Manager. She will take good care of you =)

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  11. Mia R says:

    Wow! I need this – super! I’ve had atopic dermatitis ever since. I’ve figured our deep well water is the culprit. :) Thanks!

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