O.C. Celebrity Mom: Gwyneth

Gwyneth + Apple in the Live8 Concert in London (photo from USA Today)

In 2005, when they showed Apple Martin in pink noise-reduction headphones in the Live8 concert, I just knew Gwyneth was an O.C. mom.  And of course, for DD’s’s first New Year, I also HAD to get noise-reduction headphones (my DH couldn’t find pink ones — he is sooo anti-pink — so he settled for red ones from True Value).

In an interview for Ironman on Comic Book Resources, Gwyneth says “I try to be very organized.  I’m a Libra so if things go off balance they go really off balance, so I try to maintain balance and for me that’s like knowing where everything is, what everyone’s doing, having all the doctors’ numbers,” she said. “I think that’s just women, though, isn’t it? We’re the brains of the house, the multitaskers.”

Ah, I have so much in common with this woman (am I right?).  Maybe I should invite her to coffee (or maybe organize our shelves).

Side Note: Don’t you just love Apple’s little pink Puma sneakers?


PHOTO CREDIT: Gwyneth + Apple’s photo taken from USA TODAY article on teenage hearing loss.

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