How To: Plan Thanksgiving Week in NYC

View from our hotel room. The back of the balloon.

Same time last year, DH and I went to the U.S. to meet the principals of our new business.  After a few days in Texas, we went on a side trip to New York (a side trip that lasted longer than the official trip).  Our NY trip coincidentally fell on Thanksgiving week.  We were so lucky because the Thanksgiving parade changed routes last year and it ended up passing right in front of our hotel on 57th and 7th.  Upon check-in, the Filipina at the front desk upgraded us to the floor below the penthouse.  We were so excited because we wouldn’t have to brave the crowds at street level to view the parade.  Apparently, you don’t want to be on the higher floors for the parade.  You’d want to be on the 3rd and 4th floor to see the balloons faces.  Nevertheless, we were still lucky because we just went down and got good spots instantly.

It was my first time in NY.  I was excited and at the same time intimidated.  In every scary situation, though, an O.C. person comes to the rescue and in NY, that would be our friend, Francine (the most O.C. person in the world — the organized O.C. kind).  She made a very detailed 9-day itinerary for us, split into sections of NY, complete with recommendations on sights, shopping, restaurants plus actual food items AND some notes on what shows and movies were shot in that location.  She put Yelp and even Google to shame.

Here’s our 9-day first-time NY tourist itinerary (if you’re looking for bars or clubs, you won’t find them here.  we’d rather sleep).

NY Itinerary 2009

Ahhh, I miss New York.  Happy Thanksgiving Francine!  We’ll see you next Fall.


Uber-cute wonder woman Hello Kitty shot from the entrance of our hotel.



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  1. Francine Catibayan Rivera says:

    You’re most welcome! Can’t wait to see you all next year! :)

    • We’re excited too! We (Tembong + Sam + Jake + me) reminisced today by eating at the newly-opened Bon Chon at Ayala Triangle Gardens. The chicken tasted similar but not as good and it wasn’t a real restaurant like the ones in NY. Despite that, I think it has the best chicken wings locally.

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