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  1. mymommyology says:

    That is true! There is much untapped opportunity for children’s / toddlers things (except for clothes. that’s saturated)…

    • There is also a dearth of nice wooden dollhouses!

      • mymommyology says:

        The brand Melissa and Doug is the closest I can think of here, I don’t know if they’re widely distributed there. Their toys are wooden, and they have this wooden kitchen set, with nice kitchen fruits and food that are stuck together with velcro (so it looks cute when you “cut” it with the wooden cooking utensils), but parang no doll house either. It would be nice to have a nice dollhouse (with matching not so scary dolls…)

  2. eyecandy says:

    Wow, very nice! They should put up a store! Ready made furniture shopping is so frustrating here, everywhere you go, it’s all laminated furniture.

    • I don’t even know what laminated furniture exactly means =) They do nice stuff because Liza’s dad is into furniture export. You know they’re good if the corners and moldings look good e no. And sa kanila, pulido.

      Their store is online or in Liza’s house in Dasma or in bazaars. Overhead can be a killer.

      • eyecandy says:

        im not sure if that’s what they call it – laminated. It’s the natural wood or wengue type finishing but it’s like the Formica thing they glue on to the surface. It cracks and peels over time.

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