Grey’s Anatomy Memes, Inspired by Bokhee the Asian Scrub Nurse

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so inspired by Bokhee, the sungit Asian tiger scrub nurse who is a staple in Grey’s Anatomy ORs.

greys anatomy memes.003

I didn’t mention that!

greys anatomy memes.004

The above copy c/o MoMaMa.Me.

Seriously, are all ORs like this?  I hope in reality they focus on what they’re doing.

greys anatomy memes.002

And after the last episode, she got the news and was not really surprised.

greys anatomy memes.005

I actually haven’t seen the latest episode but I’ve seen countless of spoilers on my Facebook feed so this one is for the guilty ones.

greys anatomy memes.001

Bokhee is actually a real surgical nurse and works on open heart surgeries.  Pretty cool right?  And I’m sure she’s very OC too.

*All images from Greys Anatomy Wikia 


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ValKyrie Eleison: Clubbing Then and Now

It was my fabulous friend Sherilla’s 40th birthday last February 28 and she wanted to celebrate her fabulosity (is that even a word?) by bringing her friends to the hottest club in town — Valkyrie at Uptown BGC.  You see, the last club I went to was … uhm … well … does Cocomangas count?? (90’s era pa rin!).  Honestly, only Mars or Euphoria seems to pop in my head (because we were there a lot of Tuesdays in college — now you can guess where I went to college haha).

Anyway, that night at Valkyrie was truly a memorable one because I had a lot of insights.  Here are some of the things I realized as a clubbing mom (and I’m imagining a mom with a caveman club beating off the teenagers) vs. when I was a clubbing teen.

Is it party time yet?  Is it party time yet?

Club doors open at 10:30pm, 2 hours after bedtime at our house. So this gave me plenty of time to bathe the kids, put them to sleep, dress, put on makeup, drop off something at a friend’s house

… and still get there early. (Tick tock tick tock)

My mom could never understand why we would leave the house at 9pm for a college party. In Valkyrie, the club was still empty at 11:20. When my kids go out (if they go out), the party might start at 2am!

FYI, the party at Valkyrie starts at 1am and my 20-year-old nieces gave me sage club advice — as you’re dancing to EDM (Electronic Dance Music for you old fogeys), wait for “The Drop” — it’s that point in the DJ’s mix where he builds up the music to a climax and when it “drops”, the club goes wild.  We were joking that the club would scream and jump at “The Drop” then a half-second later, a few of us would scream and jump after realizing that was “the drop” already. (Ok, maybe you had to be there for me to explain better.)

Valkyrie was pretty impressive. It was like 20x the size of Mars (I’m talking about the 90’s club, not the planet you kids.)

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

20 years ago, I would be so worried about wearing the same outfit within a span of 3 months.  On V-day (Valkyrie Day), I didn’t even know what to wear so I just went with my default Mosaic dress which I’ve worn to  every beach wedding, cocktail reception, photo shoot and event I’ve been to in the past year-and-a-half (that would be 5, including this event).

The Baby is Now a Middle-Aged Lady

I am proud to say that because of tutorials from Eliza Santiago Ypon and the ease of using K-Palette, I have learned to put on a full face of makeup myself … after 40 years of being on this earth.

Consent From Minors

Before, I only needed to ask permission from one of my parents.  Now, I had to tell my husband, my 2 girls and also a very important person in my life, my yaya.  Along with this, I had to keep checking my mobile through the night to see if they needed me at home.  I’m grateful we didn’t have mobiles back in college.


As I drove into the night, I kept on thinking if I’d be safe alone, if I would get carjacked, if a policeman would extort money from me for drinking 1 glass of vodka tonic.  In the club, I was scared someone would put drugs in my drink if I left it alone.  I was scared of drinking too much and getting into an accident.  I guess it takes 20 years for the voice of my mom to travel through my ear drums.

I was also scared of the bathroom (a unisex bathroom!!) and what happens in there.  HORROR.  That was one thing that kept me from not drinking too much.  I didn’t want to use the toilet.

#Fail Photos of the Night

Next Day Recovery

I stayed a little past 2AM.  Not bad at all but since the real party started at 1AM, I technically just experienced it for an hour.  The next day, I was still able to wake up along with the kids at 7AM and be ok. Motherhood makes one great at surviving on a few hours of sleep.

However, I had to call my chiropractor and myotherapist to cure me from a night of standing and dancing to EDM (naks) in heels.

Beyond Freeloading

20 years later, we can now pay for our own table (A table at Valkyrie is about 30k each I believe! Well, really Sherilla paid for it so freeloader pa rin!).  Before, we had to look for someone we knew to get us in for free and we would dance all through the night without spending a single centavo.  In Valkyrie, there was a table of 20-somethings beside us and I kept wondering if they came to the club regularly.  I honestly wanted to tell them — Stop spending your hard-earned money here!  Open an equity fund!

Lolas in the House

The night’s running joke was we were #LolasOnTheLoose but despite being able to clearly hear each other, we had so much fun.  Compared to when we were in our 20’s, we were accomplished, had our own money and look even better than 20 years ago (and obviously, we appreciate ourselves more).  I probably won’t go back to Valkyrie again but I know that wherever I go with my friends, it will be loads of fun.

Happy birthday Sherilla!  And thanks for making me leave the house!

And for those club-going kids who just got here via Google and don’t understand my title, here is a song from Mister Mister from before you were born to explain.


Quotable Quotes of the Night:

Pwede bang um-order ng rice?

So dapat ba bumaba tayo sa dance floor?

Gwapo kaya yon? (squinting eyes while looking at the far end of the club)

In a few years, lalaki din tyan niyo! – directed towards the girls in really tight bodycon dresses.


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Why I Use the Unionbank CashBack Mastercard on Practically Everything

I’ve had my Unionback CashBack Mastercard for almost 2 months now and seriously, I’ve used it on everything.  I’ve used it so much that I’ve gotten calls from the Unionbank Cards Head Office to validate if I really used the card 5x in one day, several days in a week.

The places I’ve used my Unionbank Cashback Mastercard for the last 2 months — this is probably only half of it

Here are the main reasons why I love to have it swiped:

  1. It gives me rebates on EVERYTHING. There are cards that just give rebates on gas, groceries, medicine. The Unionbank CashBack does not have restrictions on giving rebates on EVERY SWIPE.
  2. There are NO MINIMUM SPENDS. There is no fine print or requirement on a minimum monthly spend to get a rebate. Other rebate cards require you to spend P10,000 minimum on non-essentials, non-Meralco, non-supermarket.
  3. There are NO REBATE CAPS. There is no maximum monthly rebate they give out. Another card will claim to give 10% rebate but give a maximum monthly rebate of P1,000, regardless if you spend more than 10,000 on your card.

EXAMPLE: There is this card that offers to give up to 10% rebate on this drugstore and several hospitals. Last year, my mom broke her leg and she paid Php 400,000 for the surgery and the hospital bills. Although that other credit card says it will give a 10% rebate, it’s not going to give me back Php 40,000. Because of their maximum cap, they will only rebate Php 1,000 for that purchase. That’s just 0.25%. If I had a Unionbank CashBack Mastercard then, I would have gotten back Php 6,000 on that transaction (Darn!).

  1. I’ll take a cash rebate over chicken meals or coffee. Some cards offer instant reward promotions — free Starbucks or Jollibee Chickenjoy — when you compute the conversion, it’s pretty big. You can actually get around 3% with the reward they give. However, you have to keep the receipts and redeem within a certain period only. If you compute your card purchases vs. these rewards over the span of the year, you’d still get more with a 1.5% cash rebate.
  2. I’ll take a cash rebate over rewards. I haven’t redeemed the rewards for my other card because I’m always aiming for the big rewards.

For my 40th birthday, I was thinking of staying in Makati Shangrila overnight using my points and here’s how I computed the conversion (NERD ALERT!):

Wow, my head almost exploded. My computation seems right but all that converting from one thing to another thing, it’s just … just confusing!  And at the end of it all 0.29% is far from 1.5%  — 5x far behind.

7. I’ll take a cash rebate over miles which have a low conversion rate and have restrictions on redemption too.  (Oh please, don’t make me convert the miles!)

The Unionbank CashBack card gives me a simple 1.5% rebate on EVERYTHING. No complicated conversion formula, no fine print on where I’m supposed to spend my money, no “up-to”s.

It’s my new best friend.  At the rate I’m using this card, the chip will wear out within the year.

And just so you hear it from the horse’s mouth — the horse being myself — watch this video (of me! Gasp!) on the Unionbank CashBack.

*Everything I said on this video was a personal review based on how I’ve been using the card. I wasn’t given a script by Unionbank or their agency.


To apply for your Unionbank Cashback card, just do any of the ff:

  • Fill out an online application form from now
  • Download application form and fax it to (02) 636-6256
  • Visit your nearest UnionBank branch
  • For more information, call their Customer Service Hotline at +632 8418600 or Domestic Toll Free 1-800-1888-2277.


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